Hello, I am Jeff LeFever and I am a “soul-journer”: I sojourn places; usually in God’s pocket. Its the way I travel. This site is my travel journal.

I am an artist, I make images through which I explore self and others, and the sameness of our being human. Every art image I make, is also a soul-journ where I temporarily stay and record creative impulse, where my soul is sustained from one place to the next by the Spirit which God breathed into me – the same Spirit of life breathed into us all. We are more than we think we are, some do not know that yet.

Currently my travel has me temporarily parked in the art scene and good company of friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, I am learning about myself and finding others who find growth in the conversation of ideas, humanity, truth, and wisdom. Las Vegas? Who would have thought! “Right?”

Last trip overseas began OCT 13, 2013. I was gone for a 3 month journey, mostly in Italy, but including Luxembourg, Belgium, and Poland. Primarily I went to conclude my document of the sacred revealed by the consecrated place and space. Normally, I document my days so I can remember who and what was seen – but this time I did not keep such document. It is a shame really, as it was always a means for friends and familly to follow along with me as I made my memories, and as a witness to God when He shows up in my availability to see Him among us in our world. Instead, I posted occasional screen captures to Facebook

Here is the route from Oct 13, 2013 through January 9, 2014……

Oct. 14 – Oct. 21   =  Rome pt 1
Oct. 22 – Nov 03   = Napoli
Nov. 04 – Nov. 13  = Rome 8 days in Rome pt 2
Nov. 14 – Nov. 18  = Assisi
Nov. 19 – Nov. 26  = Florence
Nov. 27 – Nov. 28  = Bologna (San Petronio)
Nov. 28 – Dec. 06  = Venice
Dec. 07 – Dec 15     = Milan
Dec. 16 – Dec 22     =Brussles/ Bruges/ Ghent/ Luxembourg
Dec. 23 – Jan 06     = Krakow
Jan 07 –  Jan 08     = Luxembourg
Jan. 09                     = California

Jan 08 early  FLY/travel to LAX via London —- Amazingly was bumped upgrade to Business Class with sleeper pod on a Airbus A380: flight of a lifetime.
Yeah – reads like a world tour…. I should have made a t-shirt!

I do not document the luxury of travel – the good eateries, or shopping finds for the contemporary traveler… I am not celebrating architecture for architecture’s sake and waxing on about history I learned from a guided tour — other travel sites do that for people who like to travel that way. Strangely, unlike most, because i am peculiar this way, I do little research before I travel, preferring to be surprised in “the finding”… connecting to the ordinary and the common. I am interested in how people express themselves to God and how we express ourselves amongst one another. I merely am documenting my days…. so I can remember. I do this with a camera – it helps me see people.

Souljourn before Italy et., al., was to Germany, Poland, Washington D.C. and Chicago. To re-track the trek, use the drop down above and check in under GerPol 2011. THAT was the last time I kept a journal.

IN the DROPDOWN MENU above you will also find the destinations and discoveries logged from my previous travel. More about this at the LeFever News Site when the time arrives: http://www.lefever.com/news/

In looking at the categories above. After you CLICK a location ~ YOU will SEE the titles and dates only for each post. Click on the Title to read the post. They are in order of the first post to the last in each location. Thanks for following along.


I am and have been, an artist first and foremost – it is how I breath. Having become interested in the culture of consecrated space, I have joined the conversation that explores such ideas as the value of the visual arts, their ability as a vehicle to aid in the transcendent moment, the numinous, the contemplative … their ability to transport us and instruct us … and the true value of the consecrated space when built in a community; one that resonates the consecrated heart. Yes, I take it seriously.

The photographic image  is my current linguistic that speaks a language heard through the eyes, and considered  in the dialog amongst others: a revelation and a inspiration to the point that we CAN build a culture among the faith, and that we should. We must.

The Foundation for the Biblical Arts is is an organization I built – it is a US 501c3 not for profit corporation – and it supports this dialog of the consecrated space, inspires us the vision of Beauty expressed in Faith.  It is on-line at: http://www.foundationforthebiblicalarts.org/. I write a weekly “SNAPSHOT” and blogs to the FBA – Foundation here means a “solid ‘foundation’ for” and the images and writing there stand as a witness on which the point stands and the ideas can expound.

You can LIKE IT on FACEBOOK and follow the news and posts on TWITTER

So if you are one who is moved by the Beauty of Faith expressed by the arts of man, you can read the posts when they are posted.


ABOUT this site:
A chain of events fell before me like one of those nightmares where one runs and runs, but the air is like molasses, and your limbs move with the weight of an elephant sized burden…..slow motion. And for some reason you are trying to fly, well I always seem to try; flapping my arms as if that will get me airborne. Come to think of it there were a few dreams that I actually took flight… but alas, those were the good dreams.  In my waking state, in my molasses reality, there was a slow and steady decline in work over an 18 month period, it was like watching a lake being drained during a drought; I saw my business lay down despite my efforts to resuscitate. Eventually, my business flat lined in September, 2009.

So I decided I would choose a different path and step into the unknown. I kept a log of my transition: a Daily Log – I kept it for 6 months until the crisis had become less immediate. In the Log, I documented my travels.  You can see the Daily Log, it is still on-line and linked at right with a few of my other websites.

This travelogue continues the documentation, but only of the travels, not my daily life. My daily life is generally not that interesting now that my transitional threat is past, but my travels lead me to some interesting situations and some insightful encounters as I proceed to build the notion of the consecrated.

I travel in God’s pocket.


ABOUT using this site:
This site is categorized by place – you will find those places in the tabs above. In these places you can hopefully see the touch of God as I go out to find and document the consecrated and the visual arts among the churches world wide. The opening sentence of this ABOUT page will always tell you where I am currently in my travels.

The listing of posts are organized in sequence of event – that is from day one to day 30, the oldest post first working down to the more current date, reading like a book (and not as a blog usually reads with the most current post on top). This is set up different so that at any time a reader can follow a journey from the beginning to the end of that journey using the category list above (or at the right, or use the calendar or the Archives, also at the right).

Please feel free to comment after any of the blog posts, if you wish.


ABOUT the legal stuff:
As always, all text and photos, unless otherwise stated, all belong to me (Jeff LeFever) and are protected by copyright.