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Eve Before Departure. Today is 12/08/09


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Travel – I am in Jerusalem. Today is 12/10-11/09

Wake at 7am – to find El Al emailed me my boarding pass. I thought that was cool. Shave, get dressed, double check packing and weigh my bags against carry on weight limits. Jack an I head out in the FJ stopping first at Wells Fargo to take care of my credit card payment…. We [...]

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Sunrise 6am – Back to Bed. Today is 12/12/09 in Jerusalem.

4:43am: first Islamic call to prayer, of 5 daily prayers called the adhan; difference in the adhan recited for the pre-dawn prayer, is that it adds the line “Prayer is better than sleep” Current controversies reported by Al Jazeerah Dec. 4th, highlights how the media here (like everywhere) influences opinion and behaviors. Use iPhone to [...]

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Rest. Today is 12/13/09 in Jerusalem.

Worked on Edits during breakfast this morning. Glad this laptop is working. Thank you Jack. Little sleep last night. Not fully here in Jerusalem yet. Continue edits in the little sitting room at Sisters Bridgettine. Work more from the room and emails. This is how my mornings go until I am acclimatized to being here. [...]

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God’s Hand? Today is 12/14/09 in Jerusalem.

It is gray outside, looks like we may have rain. Breakfast this morning cornflakes and yogurt, cold-cuts and cheese, bread and Turkish coffee, grounds and all. Trying to pack for today’s outing and decide to bring the laptop to my meeting with Lela. Can’t seem to get my act together with packing choices and realize [...]

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Because It Looks Like A Painting. Today is 12/15/09 in Jerusalem.

Overcast, decided to take the day off. Rest. Write. Nap. Walk around the convent grounds – they have a peaceful garden. I see the Old City East wall across the valley.  I identify the places I had walked and taken photos. I trace my path visually with a relaxed observance. Take out the G10 and [...]

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A Day of Meetings and Stories. Today is 12/16/09 in Jerusalem.

Awoke 30 minutes late this morning – finally getting a bit more sleep. Breakfast was still waiting. Planned the next three days and packed the camera gear accordingly. Decided to try a new route today to avoid the walk down to Kidron Valley and up again to the Old City. Instead I think I will [...]

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Second Day at HaKotel. Today is 12/17/09 in Jerusalem.

The wind is blowing hard – there is a mild sand storm. Write more in the morning and pack up gear to walk to the Church of Mary Magdalene, a Russian Orthodox church whose gold onion domes are visible from almost everywhere as they stand out from the Mount of Olives trees. I spend a [...]

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Hangover. Today is 12/20/09 in Jerusalem.

In honor of Shabbat I did not turn on my electronics. No posts to the daily log, no cameras since Friday morning. It is Sunday. I am plugged in again. I have a hangover – little sleep, too much Vodka. How did I get to this? Friday was a simple day with my emphasis being [...]

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Spiritual Mysteries of Jerusalem. Today is 12/21/09 in Jerusalem

Woke in the middle of the night hearing, “take the laptop with me to my 8am meeting at St. James and show my Czech Journal as an example of what I do with the photos I take”. Went back to sleep. Was awakened again by the Muslim pre-dawn prayer call. Went back to sleep. Sister [...]

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A Calm Day. Today is 12/22/09 in Jerusalem

Decide to stay in today and catch up on writing, and photo editing. By 2:30 I find out the Internet is down – no emails, no Log updates. I pack up the gear and head out to St. Anne where one finds the pools of Bethesda, where Jesus heals the paralytic. Head back, edit/ develop [...]

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Still No Internet Connection. Today is 12/23/09 in Jerusalem

Chart a course during breakfast. The main goal today is the Dormition Abby and St Peter located on Mount Zion. I go by way of Damascus gate and am stopped in my tracks by a most beautiful light in one spot – people that walk through it are getting hit by direct sun from the [...]

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Christmas Eve. Today is 12/24/09 in Jerusalem & Bethlehem

I edit photos from yesterday. Almost half way through this time here and I have edited down my photos to 2,170. All first edits and preliminary development of the images are being done here to lessen the time it takes for the print selection process, and the Journal images… ultimately I will need to get [...]

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Christmas. Today is 12/25/09 in Jerusalem

I sleep in. I edit photos from last night in Bethlehem for 5 hours. Email is back on and so I catch up on a few emails. So glad to hear some Christmas wishes from friends. It makes my day. The only Christmas spirit I felt here. Come 4 pm I leave to fins a [...]

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St. James & History Lessons. Today is 12/26/09 in Jerusalem

Sunrise is beautiful. I leave early for St James, Armenian Orthodox… the oldest Christian church in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is waking up for her busy day. Roosters are crowing. On the streets, bread merchants abound… one of these mornings I am going to try one of these sesame loafs. Stop at the Coptic Church atop the [...]

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Meandering. Today is 12/27/09 in Jerusalem

Awoke at 7am. 10 hours of sleep. I must have needed it. Write for the log, edit the photos for it and try finishing the uploads before 11 to meet Eli at the Synagogue she wanted me to experience a noon service. Time ticks, Internet is slow, I keep messing up the upload and it [...]

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Lite Day, Heavy Night. Today is 12/28/09 in Jerusalem

Walking to the churches outside the Old City on the northwest side of town. The first two are closed (abandoned), and the third is Anglican and rather plain. I arrive at the Ethiopian Church in the middle of a prayer service (it is an Ethiopian holiday) and although I am not allowed to enter today, [...]

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Rest At The Russian Ascension. Today is 12/29/09 in Jerusalem

Today is my last hike to the top of Mt of Olives and it starts with a friendly chat with one of the Palestinian Taxi drivers I met early on – now that everyone knows I walk and don’t take taxis, we can ask how each other is doing aside from commerce or suspicion. Two [...]

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Catch-Up, It Is Raining. Today is 12/30/09 in Jerusalem

Stay in and catch-up on log writing, photo editing… Wash my clothes in the sink. Sister Liliana gives me some good smelling laundry detergent. (she gave me enough for weeks, I think she was hinting at something). Rabbi Shmuli emails about a place for Shabbot. Make a post to the Consecrated Space Blog. It touches [...]

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New Years Eve. Today is 12/31/09 in Jerusalem

Leave for the Russian Orthodox Church knowing it may be a difficult shoot (signs saying no cameras are always an indication) After 4 shots I am told no photos. I try explaining but the gentleman doing his job only speaks Russian and manages, “church is for praying” in English. I tell him I am praying [...]

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