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New Year Day, a Day of XS. Today is 01/01/10 in Jerusalem

I was not looking forward to the trek to the top of Mt. Olives, but there is a more direct way from the convent and so I am trying that: once again to see the Greek Orthodox Church and the church in the Hospital, Augusta Victoria. Packed in my pocket are some XS stickers… just [...]

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D Minor and Ring the Bell. Today is 01/02/10 in Jerusalem

I was told Augusta Victoria would be open today, and yes, I am determined. I walk up to the top again to get in, and lo and behold, Augusta Victoria is open. And what a grand time to see it as there is a concert later in the day, and the Organist is practicing. Inside [...]

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Yad Vashem. Today is 01/03/10 in Jerusalem

Wake and update the Daily Log. Say goodbye to Nils and Barbara –they go home to Sweden.  It was nice making their acquaintance. Hopefully we will meet again. I decide to visit Yad Vashem. Set off for Damascus Gate bus terminal but I am told THAT bus to the Holocaust Museum leaves from the Central [...]

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Green Light & Dome of the Rock. Today is 01/04/10 in Jerusalem

This morning came an email from Sister Elena of St Trinity Cathedral (Russian Orthodox at the Russian Compound) – I have been granted permission to photograph the Russian Cathedral Tuesday between 10am and 1 pm. That is great news, and this is my last church on the list, the day before I leave the Middle [...]

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POST # 100 (of daily logs): Cathedral, People, Lunch, Synagogue, Teaching, Tea and Spaghetti. Today is 01/05/10 in Jerusalem

Walked to the Russian St Trinity Cathedral,  Again, a bit of a late start, but I have a 4 hour window to be there with permission to photograph. Not long after being there a group arrives, it is crowded. I am thinking, drat, I will have to shoot around the people. But then mass starts [...]

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Home Away From Home, Away From Home. Today is 01/06/10 in Jerusalem

Look around the room one more time before heading into the Old City one last time. I look at the laptop and think, “Thank you Jack” – without his generosity there would not have been any photo edits, no Daily Log: the laptop was essential. I walk to the old City. I walk each street [...]

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Buddhists in the Air & A Harbor House Omelet. Today is 01/07/10 in California

ElAl flight 5 finally loads – it is a full flight – but I am in a three-row aisle with Kathy and Marv, practicing Buddhists. Kathy gets some sleep but Marv and I talk for most of the 15.5 hour flight. Marv is 71 and done it all – very vital – a psychiatrist, who [...]

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2:30AM Post. Today is 01/08/10 in Laguna Hills

I wake up at 2:30 am – have slept for 9 hours already. But as I wake, my mind is flooded with memories and insights from Jerusalem as if there was no time to think while there photographing and doing my work, but now the floodgates open and I am drowning in my thoughts. My [...]

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