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Last Day in California. Today is 02/08/10 in Laguna Hills

Coffee, computer – the two “C’”s – take care of email. Finish packing for the month away, documenting domestically, New York City, York PA, Chicago, Denver Colorado, Springboat Colorado. Leave for Laguna Beach to meet Donna G. at Lumberyard for lunch. I get the time mixed up and arrive an hour early. Drink lot’s of [...]

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My Birthday / First Night in New York. Today is 02/09/10 in Laguna Hills

Up at 5 taking care of final things and get ready for the airport. Jack and I leave for John Wayne in the FJ. I am a bit worried I may have to check one of my carry-ons as I had to in Tel Aviv Arrive at Delta and precede to security. Man asks if [...]

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Snow and Morningside. Today is 02/10/10 in New York City

Awake to the classical Radio. It is 7AM in New York. Look out the window. The snow has started. There is a Chinese cleaner across the street. Tony pours Orange Juice for each of us. It takes me a while to figure out what I will need and what route to take to get to [...]

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Ground Zero. Today is 02/11/10 in New York City

Awake to the classical Radio again. It is 7AM in New York. Get started on Log for yesterday at 7:30 AM Get a late start – having trouble getting direction this time in N.Y. Get to St Bartholomew. Then St. Thomas. Then I spend a lot of time trying to find the subway station that [...]

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On My Own and Bad News. Today is 02/12/10 in New York City

Chez Antoine sleeps in: it is 9A.M. I am making my plans and notes for the day and trying to route it all, while Tony continues to take advantage of not going to work – he leave for Florida tonight for a week at Disney World with friends – Uncle Tony. It is time to [...]

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Victoria Called. Today is 02/13/10 in New York City

I hear from Victoria; Mom is home. The reason for her perceived anemia was malnutrition. She had not been eating from worry while I was in Jerusalem and hasn’t regained her appetite in the month I had been back in California. If she eats, she will be all right. No word on Steve and his [...]

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MOMA. Today is 02/14/10 in New York City

The City is full of long stem roses – people are carrying flowers to and fro – its Valentine’s Day, and the Museum of Modern Art is packed with people. There is a line out the building and the Tim Burton Show is sold out for the day, not that I wanted to see it, [...]

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Guggenheim. Today is 02/15/10 in New York City

Walking to the Subway, I turn on my phone. There is a message from Victoria. I call my sister back and enter a conversation over our Mom’s physical/mental condition. Because of being awakened at 3 in the morning by a phone call and trying conversation, Victoria is tired, I can tell her life is like [...]

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The Met (Again) and Out&About NYC One Last Time. Today is 02/16/10 in New York City

It is snowing again: another opportunity for snow photos. Do my Daily Log, drink coffee, put on the pack and head uptown to 86 and Lexington, and walk to the Met for information on setting up group tours. After talking with several people via courtesy phone (apparently I did not need a face to face [...]

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Adrienne and Chelsea. Today is 02/17/10 in New York City

Clean up Tony’s apartment and put away the computer – wait to hear from Adrienne about her arrival. Adrienne is driving from York, PA. to a wholesale plaster cast shop  in New Jersey, where she is going to buy some castings for a art class that she teaches. Her GPS freezes and that hiccup puts [...]

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I Am On A Vacation. Today is 02/18/10 in York, PA

There is a knock on the door to invite me upstairs for breakfast; scrambles eggs embellished, fruit and French toast. I have planned to do no work today but just hang out with the Steins. We go to John’s to see his new photography studio. He and Judy are starting a photo business and I [...]

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Philidelphia. Today is 02/19/10 in Philidelphia, PA

A gentle door rapping lets me know the day is to start, Adrienne is there in striped pajamas looking to me like she could wear that to an art opening. Coffee and a small slice of chocolate cake and Judy and I spend much of the morning talking about her business and looking at Rankin’s [...]

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Plans and Change of Plans – Flexibility. Today is 02/20/10 in York, PA / Chicago IL

I am first one up at the Stein household. Pack. Today I leave for Chicago. I talk with Brad in the kitchen, Judy enters and makes a wonderful breakfast for everyone of blueberry pancakes and bacon and cheese scrambles eggs. I have been spoiled on this mini-vacation in the middle of my domestic work tour, [...]

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Chicago Day 1. Today is 02/21/10 in Chicago IL

A lot happened today. Over 500 shots were taken and the bulk of the churches were covered. Lot’s of thoughts today too. Ordered a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis, a Corona, a salad (taking Mike T’s advice and treating myself: enjoying my last night at Hotel Blake, pretending I have money and a job [...]

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Chicago Day 2. Today is 02/22/10 in Chicago IL

Wake an hour before the alarm – it snowed last night. Pack. Leave roller bag with the bellhop and take off for the Red Line to St. Joseph’s trying to arrive for the end of Mass. All goes well, only a nun and a woman are at St Joseph’s, the doors are open, I am [...]

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Chicago Day 3. Today is 02/23/10 in Chicago IL

John David knocked on my bedroom door so I could be up in time for 7:30 mass. After a good night’s sleep, I have my fill of coffee and cereal (sans-milk, granola style) and grapefruit in a cup. I clean up, dress, get my gear and descend the stairs from the 4th floor of the [...]

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Chicago Day 4. Today is 02/24/10 in Chicago IL

Awake early and start work. Today is an easy shoot list. Rockefeller Chapel http://rockefeller.uchicago.edu/ Bond Chapel http://maps.uchicago.edu/mainquad/bond.html Old St. Pats  http://www.oldstpats.org/index.html St. John Cantius http://www.cantius.org/home I am getting a late start  from writing the blog, editing photos,  planning transportation for today’s shoot – I want to get to Rockefeller by noon to hear their bells [...]

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Last Day in Chicago (For This Time). Today is 02/25/10 in Colorado Springs.

John David let’s me know it is a bit after 7 am so I can wake and prepare for a 9 am departure. The news is on in the kitchen and the coffee is ready to be made. J.D. and Gary made me feel completely a part of their home. There is an email form [...]

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A Barry Day. Today is 02/26/10 in Colorado Springs.

I wake and finish the web gallery of photos from Church of the Atonement and send the link to J.D. and Gary to preview. Julia is off to work. Barry and I talk most the morning before heading out to Colorado University Colorado Springs for a class Barry is giving on Film and Creativity. It [...]

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Apple, Fudge, Chili & Gloves – Fun With Barry and Julia. Today is 02/27/10 in Colorado Springs.

Edit more of the Chicago photos (still need to edit the one’s from New York…). iPhone is acting up more regularly this morning and getting to be a bother. An error message continues to pop up and disappear claiming an incompatible device is plugged in (when there is nothing plugged in to the phone). Barry [...]

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