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First in 2011: 02/08-12/11, OAKLAND, CA

I didn’t log this trip as it was primarily medical in nature – but a great opportunity to see friends and document two cathedrals in Oakland. Recap: Oakland/Lakeport/Oakland/Alemeda Jack drops me off at John Wayne airport, Orange County for the quick hop up to Oakland on the red and blue of Southwest Airlines. I note [...]

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Nashville Bound, 02/23/11, Nashville, TN

Jack drops me off at John Wayne and  I am happy to find very short security and no bag search (again) Turn on the iPhone – there are texts from Nixon & Fincher- we are all traveling – Finchers are in Indiana http://firstyeardad.wordpress.com/ (Dale is counting down the days that One Year Dad will end [...]

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Day 1 C3, 02/24/11, Nashville, TN

Morning starts with a driving lap around Opryland due to a wrong turn but we make good time none the less. From the 40 West I see through the gray morning a shape in downtown Nashville – the twin spires of an enormous Gothic Cathedral – Nashville just got exciting – this has a Cathedral [...]

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The Winds of Change 02/25/11 Nashville, TN

Last night I couldn’t really sleep – was given the direction to talk to Tony about Vo – then I went to sleep…………… Nixon and I are out the door a little after 7am. I crave coffee. St. Georges is offering continental breakfast – that is where we are headed – the roads are dry [...]

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On My Own, Last Day C3 02/26/11, Nashville, TN

I am up and out early though I feel like sleeping in. Brian attends the Radio show here at the Opery while I attend last day of C3 conference. Drive to conference in the rental car. Andy Crouch starts off the show – a worship – his powerful voice and song choice crack me emotionally [...]

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Severe Storm Watch, 02/27/11, Nashville, TN

$3.50 for coffee and off to morning worship with Steve and Brian.. It is a morning service for NRB (it’s Sunday).  It is a classic Rock-n-Roll Black-Box Service (BBS) with a comedian celebrity pastor (DVD’s of his performance are sold outside the Hotel ballroom). Concerns of canceled or delayed flights are being expressed for flights [...]

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Arrival NYC, 02/28/11, NY, NY

Brian leaves for conference and I discover that the hotel room DOES have a coffee maker. Storm Watch is on TV. I check flight status: flight has not been canceled or delayed (yet). Check emails: My sister Victoria and Niece Elizabeth are sick with cold – they live in Burbank where it snowed (Southern CA!!) [...]

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