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Countdown, Frankfurt – Today is Friday AM 10/21/11

Packed with my two carry-on bags, sitting at John Wayne for the Continental flight : Houston bound to Frankfurt, Germany. McDonald French fries stink the airport air. I will be arriving in Frankfurt at 2 am my time (11am in Frankfurt on Saturday), shuttling to the hotel , to drop off my computer and clothes [...]

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Frankfurt – Today is Saturday 10/22/11

Am helped generously at Frankfurt airport in getting a train to Frankfurt Main (€3,90 vs. €30,00 for a taxi) – takes no time at all. A German helper lets me know I won’t really be swooned by any churches until I get to Krakow. Find the hotel – it is across the street from the [...]

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Scott – Today is Sunday 10/23/11

Day two, Frankfurt – I look out the window and like the street patterns. It is early and the sun tips the top of St Antonius – but it is closed and I move on. Minimal shooting today – I attend mass at Church of Our Lady, talked with the organist and am chatted up [...]

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Early Dom – Today is Monday 10/24/11

Day three cologne , wake at 6 AM. Once outside the apartment I discover that the doorbell is shaped the same to my touch as the light-switch and wake the house. Awkward moment at 6:30 am. Get on the tram to the train station – the moon is out. The Dom looms outside the train [...]

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Kaput! – Today is Tuesday 10/25/11

Day four Cologne. First thing in the morning, Scott and I find a way to get me 50% off of a train ticket back to Cologne. It is done. We head out on the tram back to the train station – I’m going to hit up the last of the churches in Koln while Scott [...]

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12 Hours – Today is Wednesday 10/26/11

Scott knocks at my door – I have slept 12 hours. Finally! I have needed sleep. I walk to the old part of Karlsrhue looking for a bakery. Buy bread loaves. Get a coffee and a pastry. Walk around. Find two churches and take some shots. I head back to the house taking nature pattern [...]

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G10 Shines – Today is Friday 10/28/11

After last night’s 8 bottles of German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French wines and an art crit until 5 Am – I am up at 8:30 am for coffee tasting at the Karlsrhue coffee expert…  my head hurts. (but oh, was last night good, community at its best – tasting, topping, deep in conversation, and laughs [...]

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“…Enough Maestro!” – Today is Monday, Oct. 31/11

Another night of little sleep – my internal clock is not resetting. I am in DRESDEN – some history – Dresden is talked about everywhere in Germany so far this trip, it is charming again in its rebuild – but there is darkness under this new facade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Dresden_in_World_War_II A thread has started on my Facebook [...]

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