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3 Days & Counting

This has been one long year of relocation preperation and sticking to a plan finally culminating in the completion of my Consecrated Space Documentation Project.

My last three months of 2013 are a Spiritual quest as I seek to gather photographic and observational material to complete three books on the consecrated space much like the Journal I made for my 30 days in the Old City of Jerusalem (Blurb).

Soon my feet will be on Roman soil.

I have charted almost 400 churches on this trip among several cities and four countries. I will be happy to come home with photos from 200.

3 days and counting…. I am chomping at the bit. The last two months as some of you know, have been quite a transition… literally moved all my belongings to Two storage units in Las Vegas, found a studio space (potentially) on the East Coast, made arrangements on my return to fulfill promises to people I met in Las Vegas… and have been changing every thing that offers most of us security in living until a final relocation…. with the one question of, “What can I do with my life in my remaining days?”

No wife, no children, no house…. two storage units, 5 days of clothes, a laptop, an internet connection and camera gear. I am going out to touch the world and see what we have made for ourselves; asking what have we contributed? What do I contribute?




Books At Blurb.com : http://www.blurb.com/search/site_search?search=Jeff+LeFever

My friends in Las Vegas: https://www.facebook.com/LefeverLasVegasPhotoShootJune2013

Foundation for the Biblical Arts (FBA) An outlet for all this experience I gather:

FBA on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/biblicalarts

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