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Prayer Room, 03/13/11, Memphis, TN

Last night the bed broke. A joint in the fold up frame broke so it would not support the corner of the air mattress. I walk downstairs. Morning coffee with Savannah. We talk quite the while  (or I talk and Savannah is kind enough to listen)… I forget this is Sunday, Philip is at church [...]

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Rainy Day, 03/14/11, Memphis, TN

Amydog does not like the rain. It is raining. Smells of Cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven greet me in the kitchen. Savannah and Philip go to the gym. I read Philip’s post on JOB at the Soulation website. http://soulation.org/breakfastreading/?p=40 Continue the travel log and the IAM notes. It is a Monday in Memphis. Philip [...]

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$16 of Breaded Grease Southern Style, 03/15/11, Memphis, TN

Wake around 9:30am and make coffee. Today’s goal, finish and post my IAM notes. Finished. Post notes. Get new music from Philip – we all lounge around the office – it is a cloudy day in Memphis. Dinner time. There was a chorus on the plane when I asked what I should do in Memphis, [...]

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Finally, Some Notes From IAM, 3/15/11, Memphis, TN

Highlights Form IAM notes and imaginings The mission statement of IAM is: Gathering artists and creative catalysts to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith, and humanity in order to inspire the creative community to engage the culture that is and create the world that “ought to be.” What impressed me was the intentional [...]

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Cars are Fun (Memphis Crazy), 3/16/11, Memphis, TN

At morning coffee in the Kenny kitchen, Philip helps me prep for my church mission by plugging in the Google found addresses into his Garmin GPS– Savannah goes to the gym. I take their Honda and drive into the heart of Memphis, a formally dark place with crack housing and crime (now being gentrified especially [...]

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Six Churches So Far Documented in the City of a 1000 Churches, 3/17/11, Memphis, TN

The goal is not documenting “churches” per say, but emphasizing the essential value imbued to a space via the visual arts. Always asking the question of why the lack in so many ‘low’ churches of visual beauty exemplified by the visual arts (rhetorical). Low church is a term protested for the slight it suggests, but [...]

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It’s A People Day, 3/18/11, Memphis, TN

Coffee (it’s a staple) for breakfast and out the door to St. John’s Episcopal church. This will be a quick day of shooting. I stop at the Church of the Annunciation on the way to be sure I can shoot later in the day – Talk with Eileen and I am good until 4 pm. [...]

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Lazy Day and Edits, 3/19/11, Memphis, TN

Wake, back up image files of Memphis Church shots from my laptop to two external hard drives… check news and see that The European Court of Human Rights held that the crucifixes can stay on the walls of European classrooms. http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=40760 Apple Fritter and Coffee. Log Phillip and Savannah run errands. I edit images (won’t [...]

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Chill, 3/20/11, Memphis, TN

A Saturday Memphis mid afternoon, How Savannah ‘Rolls’.

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Sunday is Church, 3/21/11, Memphis, TN

It is Sunday morning. Philip is already at Belvue Baptist playing guitar. Instead of going to see Belvue at 11am I have persuaded Savannah (the night before) that I really want a taste of the South  and she has found a taste for me in WORLD OVERCOMERS OUTREACH MINISTRIES CHURCH. We are headed to 11 [...]

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Last Day In Memphis, 3/21/11, Memphis, TN

Coffee and chat with Philip. The fate of journalism is considered and Kendal and Nook are discussed as a reader…vs iPad. Savannah is ready for the gym and has made an appointment for the future pulling of her wisdom teeth. I pack for tomorrow’s departure, and make a stack for a postal box to ship [...]

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California Bound, 3/22/11, Memphis, TN/Houston TX/Orange, CA

Early morning to finish packing, clean the room. Meet Philip downstairs. When Savannah is ready and after saying my goodbye to Amydog, we all head out to Brother Juniper’s for breakfast. Brother Juniper’s is owned by Greek Orthodox… the coffee is the best I have had on this trip: organic and specially made for them [...]

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RECAP, May 11, Airplane Above U.S. Enroute to Paris:

One Week Ago… May 4th, Brian picks me up at Albuquerque International. It is afternoon. Early dinner with the Nixon family, then, early evening photos shoot at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque: backstage Skip Heitzig and evening teaching. Back to the Nixon home to edit evening’s photos. Late night/ little sleep – altitude is making me head-fuzzed [...]

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GAME FACE ON May 11th, Paris

When photographing at Sunday Calvary Albuquerque service a couple days ago, I was stopped by security three times. After I talked with Dave Row that he might be contacted by Security regarding me. Dave replied, “Ahhh, its in the past. It’s a good day. You were shooting with a camera and not a gun, nobody [...]

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Day Two, Toulouse, May 12th

Alarm awakes me at 5:20 AM. Pack. Shower. Leave for the Metro to get to La Gare Austerlitz – my train leaves for Toulouse at 7:40 AM. The ticket machine won’t take my credit card. I have to get coin from the street top at a bar (open for coffee). It takes me a while [...]

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Snippets from Week One, France, May, 2011

Sleep deprivation and malnutrition lead to psychotic tremors. Boogieman under my bed. Nobody I know, in situations I am not living, at night, voices in my head; never complete a sentence, vie for attention then fade – conversational scenarios with out conclusion… keeping me awake. This worries me. Not moving is like death. I find [...]

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Praga Snippets – Czech Please, May 2011

Adrienne and I arrive in Prague. Hot sweaty days. Weather forecast rain – not so. City planning conversation with Randall Arendt over grilled street sausage smothered in Prague sweet mustard, wood smoked ham, and pilsners. Prague Hotel perfectly located at West end of Charles Bridge in Lesser Town – sets location standard – found on [...]

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Final France, May 2011

Reflecting on a final day experience when in Prague, asking swat-like cops standing across the street from one of the Synagogues, why the heightened police presence around all the Jewish Temples in town… his answer wasn’t the obvious. “Why are we here? We are here because of your State!” He viewed his political distaste for [...]

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Countdown, Frankfurt – Today is Friday AM 10/21/11

Packed with my two carry-on bags, sitting at John Wayne for the Continental flight : Houston bound to Frankfurt, Germany. McDonald French fries stink the airport air. I will be arriving in Frankfurt at 2 am my time (11am in Frankfurt on Saturday), shuttling to the hotel , to drop off my computer and clothes [...]

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Frankfurt – Today is Saturday 10/22/11

Am helped generously at Frankfurt airport in getting a train to Frankfurt Main (€3,90 vs. €30,00 for a taxi) – takes no time at all. A German helper lets me know I won’t really be swooned by any churches until I get to Krakow. Find the hotel – it is across the street from the [...]

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Scott – Today is Sunday 10/23/11

Day two, Frankfurt – I look out the window and like the street patterns. It is early and the sun tips the top of St Antonius – but it is closed and I move on. Minimal shooting today – I attend mass at Church of Our Lady, talked with the organist and am chatted up [...]

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Early Dom – Today is Monday 10/24/11

Day three cologne , wake at 6 AM. Once outside the apartment I discover that the doorbell is shaped the same to my touch as the light-switch and wake the house. Awkward moment at 6:30 am. Get on the tram to the train station – the moon is out. The Dom looms outside the train [...]

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Kaput! – Today is Tuesday 10/25/11

Day four Cologne. First thing in the morning, Scott and I find a way to get me 50% off of a train ticket back to Cologne. It is done. We head out on the tram back to the train station – I’m going to hit up the last of the churches in Koln while Scott [...]

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12 Hours – Today is Wednesday 10/26/11

Scott knocks at my door – I have slept 12 hours. Finally! I have needed sleep. I walk to the old part of Karlsrhue looking for a bakery. Buy bread loaves. Get a coffee and a pastry. Walk around. Find two churches and take some shots. I head back to the house taking nature pattern [...]

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G10 Shines – Today is Friday 10/28/11

After last night’s 8 bottles of German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French wines and an art crit until 5 Am – I am up at 8:30 am for coffee tasting at the Karlsrhue coffee expert…  my head hurts. (but oh, was last night good, community at its best – tasting, topping, deep in conversation, and laughs [...]

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“…Enough Maestro!” – Today is Monday, Oct. 31/11

Another night of little sleep – my internal clock is not resetting. I am in DRESDEN – some history – Dresden is talked about everywhere in Germany so far this trip, it is charming again in its rebuild – but there is darkness under this new facade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Dresden_in_World_War_II A thread has started on my Facebook [...]

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Big Dog Train – Today is Nov.04/11

In Summation of my time in Czestochowa, Poland, for lack of time to write: Sisters’ Bridgettine in Poland and in particular, Sister Eli, abounded in grace and care for me and my mission. I was given a heater for my room (without my asking for one). Was given medicine and vitamins to fend away any [...]

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Kraków Afternoon – Nov. 04/11

Kraków, it has life. Beautiful like Praha – I am told this is called the second Praha. I say it is the first Kraków. Beautiful as Prague is, I choose Kraków. Regular people living well. Despite not having my directions to the hotel, I find my way with the help of an Information office. Snap [...]

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Kraków Day 2 – Today is Nov. 05/11

Scott and I have breakfast upscale on at the square. We talk art and concept, process and being. We part for our own pursuits. I hit the churches of old town. I look for photos on the way that I might remember the town. I take the same snapshots everybody else takes (as usual). I [...]

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Kraków Day 3 – Today is Nov. 06/11

Sunday  – this is a Catholic city. I head to the churches in Kazimerz and Podgorze, on the other side of Wawel Hill. I seem to hit a Mass no matter the time or place. Out of respect for the worshipers and the ceremony, I won’t shoot during a Mass from within the church. I [...]

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Kraków Day 4 – Today is Nov. 07/11

Game Day. Wawel Cathedral. It is a cold and foggy morning. It is a cold and foggy morning. Gloves required. I get up early and head to Wawel cathedral with lot’s of time – can’t see past the buildings ahead, fog is like pudding, I lose my sense of direction and start to panic, walking [...]

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Krakow Day 5 – Today is Nov. 08/11

An easy day out. Gathering Crucifixes. Staying with what I can find by foot. Picking up surrounding churches I missed. My total now stands at 33. I am told there are 120 churches in Krakow – but I don’t know where they all are located. I am content with what I have so far. The [...]

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Krakow Day 6, Auschwitz I – Today is Nov. 09/11

The day has come. We talked about this, months ago. Today Scott and I train to Auschwitz. We walk from the train station and enter the camp from the back. We enter the camp at the incinerator. There is Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II–Birkenau. Scott asks and is told by a guide that Auschwitz II–Birkenau [...]

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Krakow Day 7, Auschwitz II-Birkenau – Today is Nov. 10/11

Scott and I are on our way to Auschwitz II–Birkenau to continue our exploration of this “Death Factory.” I am plugged into Mars Hill Audio, issue 99, Paul A. Rahe, on “the heresy of Progressivism, which abandons vital convictions about human nature and political order and invites the advent of  ‘soft despotism’ “ – My [...]

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Catch-up & Brief Update:Today is 11/22/11

Eggs and Sausage and a Side of Toast…Friday Nov. 11/11 Krakow – I could live here! Catch up on blog working from an all you can eat breakfast buffet. Life is good in Krakow. Evening I run out from the hotel to see what I can find – grabbing photos of night life in Old [...]

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Grace – Today is Wednesday Nov. 24/11

Edit more images… it never ends. Coffee Rice Chex from the box – gluten free. Leave to photograph the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. Red Line to Clark and Division. Ascension is locked. I ring the bell. Disgruntled man opens the door. I explain what I am doing, “…documenting the churches of Chicago, may I [...]

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Thanks – Today is Thursday Nov. 25/11

Gary Drives me to the Loop so I can photograph St Peters but it is closed (as J.D. mentioned early he thought it might be on Thanksgiving) . Gary gives me a brief driving tour of Chicago –beautiful homes and drops me off in Boys town so I can walk to Wrigley field – how [...]

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Night Shooting the Loop – Today is Friday Nov. 25/11

Blog morning, coffee, bacon egg cheese sandwiches. I am off to St Peters taking the Red Line to Lake. St. Peter’s is open and restful. Photos on the EL Shoot some evening window shots inside the loop. Passing a street bum he insists I buy him a coke – he is a vet, “buy me [...]

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Satisfaction – Today is Saturday 11/26/11

Gary and I take Robert next door to Atonement and make Robert a start for his Atonement Robert Facebook Page (not really his page – the churches FB page, called Atonement Robert) Atonement Robert photos are a hit. I Blue line to church – Holy Trinity Polish Catholic church. Memories of Krakow and Chestohowa flash [...]

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Majesty: This is Sunday, Nov. 27/11

High Mass at Church of the Atonement. No cameras – I am here to participate in the mass. The organ and choir powerfully announce the procession, and it is majestic – incense and all. I almost weep – it is powerful and reverent and suggests that we are here to honor and worship and partake [...]

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FBA: This is Monday, Nov. 28/11

Train to Lake Forest for to meet with Pastor Brad Coleman and a few others working with the visual arts and worship. Good seeing Brad. He gives me a brief tour of Lake Forest – great place – no missing Laguna Beach ( I would imagine). Brad and Margie like it here. Meeting goes well. [...]

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Cali-bound: This is Tuesday, Nov. 29/11

Return to California after five weeks away – of the 5000 plus non deleted images, I bring home 2400 usable images from 61 new churches, a cemetery, and Auscwitz-Birkenau. Job well done.

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3 Days & Counting

This has been one long year of relocation preperation and sticking to a plan finally culminating in the completion of my Consecrated Space Documentation Project. My last three months of 2013 are a Spiritual quest as I seek to gather photographic and observational material to complete three books on the consecrated space much like the [...]

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Eve Before Departure. Today is 12/08/09


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Travel – I am in Jerusalem. Today is 12/10-11/09

Wake at 7am – to find El Al emailed me my boarding pass. I thought that was cool. Shave, get dressed, double check packing and weigh my bags against carry on weight limits. Jack an I head out in the FJ stopping first at Wells Fargo to take care of my credit card payment…. We [...]

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Sunrise 6am – Back to Bed. Today is 12/12/09 in Jerusalem.

4:43am: first Islamic call to prayer, of 5 daily prayers called the adhan; difference in the adhan recited for the pre-dawn prayer, is that it adds the line “Prayer is better than sleep” Current controversies reported by Al Jazeerah Dec. 4th, highlights how the media here (like everywhere) influences opinion and behaviors. Use iPhone to [...]

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Rest. Today is 12/13/09 in Jerusalem.

Worked on Edits during breakfast this morning. Glad this laptop is working. Thank you Jack. Little sleep last night. Not fully here in Jerusalem yet. Continue edits in the little sitting room at Sisters Bridgettine. Work more from the room and emails. This is how my mornings go until I am acclimatized to being here. [...]

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God’s Hand? Today is 12/14/09 in Jerusalem.

It is gray outside, looks like we may have rain. Breakfast this morning cornflakes and yogurt, cold-cuts and cheese, bread and Turkish coffee, grounds and all. Trying to pack for today’s outing and decide to bring the laptop to my meeting with Lela. Can’t seem to get my act together with packing choices and realize [...]

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Because It Looks Like A Painting. Today is 12/15/09 in Jerusalem.

Overcast, decided to take the day off. Rest. Write. Nap. Walk around the convent grounds – they have a peaceful garden. I see the Old City East wall across the valley.  I identify the places I had walked and taken photos. I trace my path visually with a relaxed observance. Take out the G10 and [...]

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A Day of Meetings and Stories. Today is 12/16/09 in Jerusalem.

Awoke 30 minutes late this morning – finally getting a bit more sleep. Breakfast was still waiting. Planned the next three days and packed the camera gear accordingly. Decided to try a new route today to avoid the walk down to Kidron Valley and up again to the Old City. Instead I think I will [...]

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