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Paris, Toulouse, Albi, Strasbourg, Colmar, Chartres, Reims, Bourges, Prague

RECAP, May 11, Airplane Above U.S. Enroute to Paris:

One Week Ago… May 4th, Brian picks me up at Albuquerque International. It is afternoon. Early dinner with the Nixon family, then, early evening photos shoot at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque: backstage Skip Heitzig and evening teaching. Back to the Nixon home to edit evening’s photos. Late night/ little sleep – altitude is making me head-fuzzed [...]

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GAME FACE ON May 11th, Paris

When photographing at Sunday Calvary Albuquerque service a couple days ago, I was stopped by security three times. After I talked with Dave Row that he might be contacted by Security regarding me. Dave replied, “Ahhh, its in the past. It’s a good day. You were shooting with a camera and not a gun, nobody [...]

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Day Two, Toulouse, May 12th

Alarm awakes me at 5:20 AM. Pack. Shower. Leave for the Metro to get to La Gare Austerlitz – my train leaves for Toulouse at 7:40 AM. The ticket machine won’t take my credit card. I have to get coin from the street top at a bar (open for coffee). It takes me a while [...]

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Snippets from Week One, France, May, 2011

Sleep deprivation and malnutrition lead to psychotic tremors. Boogieman under my bed. Nobody I know, in situations I am not living, at night, voices in my head; never complete a sentence, vie for attention then fade – conversational scenarios with out conclusion… keeping me awake. This worries me. Not moving is like death. I find [...]

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Praga Snippets – Czech Please, May 2011

Adrienne and I arrive in Prague. Hot sweaty days. Weather forecast rain – not so. City planning conversation with Randall Arendt over grilled street sausage smothered in Prague sweet mustard, wood smoked ham, and pilsners. Prague Hotel perfectly located at West end of Charles Bridge in Lesser Town – sets location standard – found on [...]

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Final France, May 2011

Reflecting on a final day experience when in Prague, asking swat-like cops standing across the street from one of the Synagogues, why the heightened police presence around all the Jewish Temples in town… his answer wasn’t the obvious. “Why are we here? We are here because of your State!” He viewed his political distaste for [...]

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