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Catch-up & Brief Update:Today is 11/22/11

Eggs and Sausage and a Side of Toast…Friday Nov. 11/11 Krakow – I could live here! Catch up on blog working from an all you can eat breakfast buffet. Life is good in Krakow. Evening I run out from the hotel to see what I can find – grabbing photos of night life in Old [...]

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Grace – Today is Wednesday Nov. 24/11

Edit more images… it never ends. Coffee Rice Chex from the box – gluten free. Leave to photograph the Episcopal Church of the Ascension. Red Line to Clark and Division. Ascension is locked. I ring the bell. Disgruntled man opens the door. I explain what I am doing, “…documenting the churches of Chicago, may I [...]

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Thanks – Today is Thursday Nov. 25/11

Gary Drives me to the Loop so I can photograph St Peters but it is closed (as J.D. mentioned early he thought it might be on Thanksgiving) . Gary gives me a brief driving tour of Chicago –beautiful homes and drops me off in Boys town so I can walk to Wrigley field – how [...]

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Night Shooting the Loop – Today is Friday Nov. 25/11

Blog morning, coffee, bacon egg cheese sandwiches. I am off to St Peters taking the Red Line to Lake. St. Peter’s is open and restful. Photos on the EL Shoot some evening window shots inside the loop. Passing a street bum he insists I buy him a coke – he is a vet, “buy me [...]

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Satisfaction – Today is Saturday 11/26/11

Gary and I take Robert next door to Atonement and make Robert a start for his Atonement Robert Facebook Page (not really his page – the churches FB page, called Atonement Robert) Atonement Robert photos are a hit. I Blue line to church – Holy Trinity Polish Catholic church. Memories of Krakow and Chestohowa flash [...]

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Majesty: This is Sunday, Nov. 27/11

High Mass at Church of the Atonement. No cameras – I am here to participate in the mass. The organ and choir powerfully announce the procession, and it is majestic – incense and all. I almost weep – it is powerful and reverent and suggests that we are here to honor and worship and partake [...]

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FBA: This is Monday, Nov. 28/11

Train to Lake Forest for to meet with Pastor Brad Coleman and a few others working with the visual arts and worship. Good seeing Brad. He gives me a brief tour of Lake Forest – great place – no missing Laguna Beach ( I would imagine). Brad and Margie like it here. Meeting goes well. [...]

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Cali-bound: This is Tuesday, Nov. 29/11

Return to California after five weeks away – of the 5000 plus non deleted images, I bring home 2400 usable images from 61 new churches, a cemetery, and Auscwitz-Birkenau. Job well done.

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Chicago Day 1. Today is 02/21/10 in Chicago IL

A lot happened today. Over 500 shots were taken and the bulk of the churches were covered. Lot’s of thoughts today too. Ordered a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis, a Corona, a salad (taking Mike T’s advice and treating myself: enjoying my last night at Hotel Blake, pretending I have money and a job [...]

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Chicago Day 2. Today is 02/22/10 in Chicago IL

Wake an hour before the alarm – it snowed last night. Pack. Leave roller bag with the bellhop and take off for the Red Line to St. Joseph’s trying to arrive for the end of Mass. All goes well, only a nun and a woman are at St Joseph’s, the doors are open, I am [...]

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Chicago Day 3. Today is 02/23/10 in Chicago IL

John David knocked on my bedroom door so I could be up in time for 7:30 mass. After a good night’s sleep, I have my fill of coffee and cereal (sans-milk, granola style) and grapefruit in a cup. I clean up, dress, get my gear and descend the stairs from the 4th floor of the [...]

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Chicago Day 4. Today is 02/24/10 in Chicago IL

Awake early and start work. Today is an easy shoot list. Rockefeller Chapel http://rockefeller.uchicago.edu/ Bond Chapel http://maps.uchicago.edu/mainquad/bond.html Old St. Pats  http://www.oldstpats.org/index.html St. John Cantius http://www.cantius.org/home I am getting a late start  from writing the blog, editing photos,  planning transportation for today’s shoot – I want to get to Rockefeller by noon to hear their bells [...]

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Last Day in Chicago (For This Time). Today is 02/25/10 in Colorado Springs.

John David let’s me know it is a bit after 7 am so I can wake and prepare for a 9 am departure. The news is on in the kitchen and the coffee is ready to be made. J.D. and Gary made me feel completely a part of their home. There is an email form [...]

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