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Nashville – New York City – Chicago – Memphis

First in 2011: 02/08-12/11, OAKLAND, CA

I didn’t log this trip as it was primarily medical in nature – but a great opportunity to see friends and document two cathedrals in Oakland. Recap: Oakland/Lakeport/Oakland/Alemeda Jack drops me off at John Wayne airport, Orange County for the quick hop up to Oakland on the red and blue of Southwest Airlines. I note [...]

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Nashville Bound, 02/23/11, Nashville, TN

Jack drops me off at John Wayne and  I am happy to find very short security and no bag search (again) Turn on the iPhone – there are texts from Nixon & Fincher- we are all traveling – Finchers are in Indiana http://firstyeardad.wordpress.com/ (Dale is counting down the days that One Year Dad will end [...]

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Day 1 C3, 02/24/11, Nashville, TN

Morning starts with a driving lap around Opryland due to a wrong turn but we make good time none the less. From the 40 West I see through the gray morning a shape in downtown Nashville – the twin spires of an enormous Gothic Cathedral – Nashville just got exciting – this has a Cathedral [...]

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The Winds of Change 02/25/11 Nashville, TN

Last night I couldn’t really sleep – was given the direction to talk to Tony about Vo – then I went to sleep…………… Nixon and I are out the door a little after 7am. I crave coffee. St. Georges is offering continental breakfast – that is where we are headed – the roads are dry [...]

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On My Own, Last Day C3 02/26/11, Nashville, TN

I am up and out early though I feel like sleeping in. Brian attends the Radio show here at the Opery while I attend last day of C3 conference. Drive to conference in the rental car. Andy Crouch starts off the show – a worship – his powerful voice and song choice crack me emotionally [...]

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Severe Storm Watch, 02/27/11, Nashville, TN

$3.50 for coffee and off to morning worship with Steve and Brian.. It is a morning service for NRB (it’s Sunday).  It is a classic Rock-n-Roll Black-Box Service (BBS) with a comedian celebrity pastor (DVD’s of his performance are sold outside the Hotel ballroom). Concerns of canceled or delayed flights are being expressed for flights [...]

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Arrival NYC, 02/28/11, NY, NY

Brian leaves for conference and I discover that the hotel room DOES have a coffee maker. Storm Watch is on TV. I check flight status: flight has not been canceled or delayed (yet). Check emails: My sister Victoria and Niece Elizabeth are sick with cold – they live in Burbank where it snowed (Southern CA!!) [...]

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What I learned at C3, 03/01/11, NY, NY

What I learned at C3 I learned that according to sociologist definition I am not an adult, but still an “Emerging Adult.” I do not have a steady job, a wife, children (the responsibilities of adulthood), I am in a stretched out period of the 18 to early 20’s classified as “Emerging Adult.” This is [...]

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Chillaxing In FiDi, 03/01/11, NY, NY

Wake at 8. I eat in the common area downstairs where a small continental breakfast is available, watching the occupants pour out into the streets on their way to Tuesday morning work. Sometimes I think it would be grand to have a regular job. This is an amazing place (condos) . I spend the morning [...]

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Not THAT trip…03/02/11, NY, NY

Early morning Scott is on the phone taking care of business. I have a hard time getting up and out, but eventually do with camera and lenses. Start with a quick stop at Trinity Church. Take photos. Take two from looking into The Palms restaurant for Jack. Walk  the route to the IAM conference taking [...]

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Day 1 IAM Encounter, 03/03/11, NY, NY

Wake slowly again, coffee, watch the Drs on TV  http://www.thedoctorstv.com/ What about your health does your body tell you? Head upstairs to work – Ruth is there working, – we talk  for over an hour. It is noon. Another coffee with Ruth. Purchase jefflefever.net (a new website will be launched on Saturday. Pack up to [...]

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Day 2 IAM, 03/04/11, NY, NY

Barely sleep–maybe 90 minutes. Day starts off early – ends late, in brief: Shave beard. Thank Scott for the stay – he will be in New Jersey for the weekend. Stop at St. Peter’s (oldest Catholic Parish in NYC) for early morning Mass IAM Encounter day 2, will  fill in on the train to Connecticut… [...]

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Day 3 IAM, 03/05/11, NY, NY

Last night was a late night – log the day briefly before heading out to the 3rd and final day of IAM. (This is another very brief sketch of a log) Late leaving for Tribreca, take the 1 line Uptown arriving in a few minutes at the Starbucks below the Cosmopolitan Hotel – use my [...]

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Smackdown, 03/06/11, Connecticut

Who put the cotton in my head? Foggy – still trying to keep the cold at bay. No time for sickness. Clean my area at Scott’s place, shower, pack. Talk to Karin in Connecticut. Soon we will have 34 year reunion. It is raining. Subway uptown to Grand Central and buy a ticket for the [...]

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Day 2 of the Cold, 03/07/11, Chicago

Wake at 8:30 – not feeling well – do yesterday’s log. Meet Karin and John downstairs at 9:30. Karin offers me coffee, orange juice – she baked banana bread, makes a fruit smoothie. We take a walk on there property overlooking the largest natural reserve in Connecticut. It beckons me to return to take photos. [...]

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Blue Skies Above, 03/08/11, Chicago, IL

My hosts’ instructions were to sleep in, wake and have coffee (it was readied for the double push of a button) – use the 4th floor of the rectory home to relax and write: collect myself. This is correct. I will collect myself. Working on the mocha latte colored granite counter top in the kitchen, [...]

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In the Tub, Ash Wed, 03/09/11, Chicago, IL

Still recouping from my cold – it is almost gone. Not pushing my self. Make coffee. Vasco, I read in email, is now able to swallow. Many prayers – prayers never stop. Go over possible Paris itinerary in emails with Adrienne. I will be trying to accomplish much for the two weeks I will be [...]

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Churches, 03/10/11, Chicago, IL

Wake and enter the kitchen for coffee – Gary has left out the Rice Chex, a coffee mug, and bus fare (he helped me map the locations for today’s church shoot). Hit the L, bundled up and with full gear backpack. First stop is St Alphonsus. The church is open but the lights are off [...]

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Museum, 03/11/11, Chicago, IL

Sporadic sleep, wake early – 8.9 Earthquake off Japan, tsunami warning for Hawaii. Morning starts with ominous news. Stay glued to news to see if threat to Hawaii and California is real. At this time 280 reported dead in Japan. Catch the bus to the museum. Meet Art at the bus stop. A Jewish lad [...]

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Memphis Ribs, 03/12/11, Memphis, TN

Wake /pack/ news… Nuclear reactor in Japan has exploded. Watching the devastation in Japan from the quake/tsunami. Charles, the Atonement Organist stayed in one of the guest rooms, he awakes and we talk – he fills me in on about 7 more churches I missed. Chicago! I do declare! Looks like a July trip will [...]

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Prayer Room, 03/13/11, Memphis, TN

Last night the bed broke. A joint in the fold up frame broke so it would not support the corner of the air mattress. I walk downstairs. Morning coffee with Savannah. We talk quite the while  (or I talk and Savannah is kind enough to listen)… I forget this is Sunday, Philip is at church [...]

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Rainy Day, 03/14/11, Memphis, TN

Amydog does not like the rain. It is raining. Smells of Cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven greet me in the kitchen. Savannah and Philip go to the gym. I read Philip’s post on JOB at the Soulation website. http://soulation.org/breakfastreading/?p=40 Continue the travel log and the IAM notes. It is a Monday in Memphis. Philip [...]

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$16 of Breaded Grease Southern Style, 03/15/11, Memphis, TN

Wake around 9:30am and make coffee. Today’s goal, finish and post my IAM notes. Finished. Post notes. Get new music from Philip – we all lounge around the office – it is a cloudy day in Memphis. Dinner time. There was a chorus on the plane when I asked what I should do in Memphis, [...]

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Finally, Some Notes From IAM, 3/15/11, Memphis, TN

Highlights Form IAM notes and imaginings The mission statement of IAM is: Gathering artists and creative catalysts to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith, and humanity in order to inspire the creative community to engage the culture that is and create the world that “ought to be.” What impressed me was the intentional [...]

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Cars are Fun (Memphis Crazy), 3/16/11, Memphis, TN

At morning coffee in the Kenny kitchen, Philip helps me prep for my church mission by plugging in the Google found addresses into his Garmin GPS– Savannah goes to the gym. I take their Honda and drive into the heart of Memphis, a formally dark place with crack housing and crime (now being gentrified especially [...]

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Six Churches So Far Documented in the City of a 1000 Churches, 3/17/11, Memphis, TN

The goal is not documenting “churches” per say, but emphasizing the essential value imbued to a space via the visual arts. Always asking the question of why the lack in so many ‘low’ churches of visual beauty exemplified by the visual arts (rhetorical). Low church is a term protested for the slight it suggests, but [...]

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It’s A People Day, 3/18/11, Memphis, TN

Coffee (it’s a staple) for breakfast and out the door to St. John’s Episcopal church. This will be a quick day of shooting. I stop at the Church of the Annunciation on the way to be sure I can shoot later in the day – Talk with Eileen and I am good until 4 pm. [...]

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Lazy Day and Edits, 3/19/11, Memphis, TN

Wake, back up image files of Memphis Church shots from my laptop to two external hard drives… check news and see that The European Court of Human Rights held that the crucifixes can stay on the walls of European classrooms. http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=40760 Apple Fritter and Coffee. Log Phillip and Savannah run errands. I edit images (won’t [...]

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Chill, 3/20/11, Memphis, TN

A Saturday Memphis mid afternoon, How Savannah ‘Rolls’.

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Sunday is Church, 3/21/11, Memphis, TN

It is Sunday morning. Philip is already at Belvue Baptist playing guitar. Instead of going to see Belvue at 11am I have persuaded Savannah (the night before) that I really want a taste of the South  and she has found a taste for me in WORLD OVERCOMERS OUTREACH MINISTRIES CHURCH. We are headed to 11 [...]

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Last Day In Memphis, 3/21/11, Memphis, TN

Coffee and chat with Philip. The fate of journalism is considered and Kendal and Nook are discussed as a reader…vs iPad. Savannah is ready for the gym and has made an appointment for the future pulling of her wisdom teeth. I pack for tomorrow’s departure, and make a stack for a postal box to ship [...]

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California Bound, 3/22/11, Memphis, TN/Houston TX/Orange, CA

Early morning to finish packing, clean the room. Meet Philip downstairs. When Savannah is ready and after saying my goodbye to Amydog, we all head out to Brother Juniper’s for breakfast. Brother Juniper’s is owned by Greek Orthodox… the coffee is the best I have had on this trip: organic and specially made for them [...]

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