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I Am On A Vacation. Today is 02/18/10 in York, PA

There is a knock on the door to invite me upstairs for breakfast; scrambles eggs embellished, fruit and French toast. I have planned to do no work today but just hang out with the Steins. We go to John’s to see his new photography studio. He and Judy are starting a photo business and I [...]

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Philidelphia. Today is 02/19/10 in Philidelphia, PA

A gentle door rapping lets me know the day is to start, Adrienne is there in striped pajamas looking to me like she could wear that to an art opening. Coffee and a small slice of chocolate cake and Judy and I spend much of the morning talking about her business and looking at Rankin’s [...]

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Plans and Change of Plans – Flexibility. Today is 02/20/10 in York, PA / Chicago IL

I am first one up at the Stein household. Pack. Today I leave for Chicago. I talk with Brad in the kitchen, Judy enters and makes a wonderful breakfast for everyone of blueberry pancakes and bacon and cheese scrambles eggs. I have been spoiled on this mini-vacation in the middle of my domestic work tour, [...]

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