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GAME FACE ON May 11th, Paris

When photographing at Sunday Calvary Albuquerque service a couple days ago, I was stopped by security three times. After I talked with Dave Row that he might be contacted by Security regarding me. Dave replied, “Ahhh, its in the past. It’s a good day. You were shooting with a camera and not a gun, nobody was hurt. It’s a good day.” Don’t worry about it and see the blessing in the day… was what I heard from Dave.

I carry Dave’s words with me as I fly to France on a packed and tightly scheduled photo doc of French churches and Cathedrals in eight cities with two more cities added for “vacation”, though one of those cities I will only be in for 3 hours to see my favorite crucifix painting of all time. “It’s a good day.”

Security lines are sludge at LAX and I get pulled out for a bag check. Make my flight with 5 minutes to spare. Problems with the mornings adjusted trip itinerary forced a late start. This trip has been delayed with travel booking problems from the start and now I note that two hotels are too far from my shoot targets, which will cost me in taxi fees. I resign to this, and change my approach especially for when I arrive in Toulouse. Not to worry – I decide to make fun out of it all and do what I do as best I can, submitting to God to lead each day, in a land where I do not speak the language or know the way, with eyes that no longer see clearly to inform me quickly.

On the plane I meet a movie producer and a photographer. Cards are exchanged.

We land in Paris with out a hitch – time went by quickly on the plane, watched three movies, and wrote 4 more pages for my Jerusalem Journal.

Take a travel van to Adrienne’s apartment near Notre Dame Paris. Due to traffic and being the last to be dropped off, the drive is four hours – altering my plans to train out to St. Denis today.

Didn’t sleep on the flight, and expect to stay up till dark (I arrived at 8:30AM – it is 12:30 now)

I pick up the apartment keys where Adrienne had left them for me with the girls at the corner boulangerie/patisserie. They are cute. I am thinking I will be buying a lot of bread on this trip.

Feeling a bit sleep deprived, I don my gear and stick to plan. First stop, St. Severin, which is only two blocks away. First I stop at the corner for a baguette.

St, Severin, I have shot it twice in the past, (2003/2006) this is the third. The photos are my best of St. Severin. This is a good start. Looks like I have improved as I am taking this occupation more seriously since the Czech Republic trip.

St. Julien Le Pauvre (Greek Catholic).

St. Itienne.

St. Nicolas du Chardonnet (this was and appears to still be the most reverent of churches in Paris).

I have shot each of these eglises when I first took church photos in 2003. I am very pleased with the results this day and glad to have revisited them with more traveled vision and more serious intention. I will add photos to this and subsequent posts when I have time to prep them for the blog/log.

I head back to Adrienne’s apartment. I won’t see Adrienne until late night of the 17th. Stop and get bread. Walk out smiling.

Adrienne’s apartment smells like oil paint. Her paintings are over the sofa couch where I will be sleeping tonight. It is a familiar smell.

I said to Jack I would not edit my photos on this trip or do any post work. He knew that was unlikely to happen. So for the record, I am editing the photos and doing some post (what else? I have to see the gold in the shots!). I only deleted 16 photos, leaving me with a respectable keeper group of 228 choice photos and  a few others for stock.

But I keep falling asleep during post.

I go to bed at 11pm. The neighbor comes home after midnight and plays jazz records until 2.

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