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Praga Snippets – Czech Please, May 2011


Adrienne and I arrive in Prague.

Hot sweaty days. Weather forecast rain – not so.

City planning conversation with Randall Arendt over grilled street sausage smothered in Prague sweet mustard, wood smoked ham, and pilsners.

Prague Hotel perfectly located at West end of Charles Bridge in Lesser Town – sets location standard – found on bookings.com (or hostelworld.com)

Rowing the Vtlava at sunset trumps pedal boating. Floating, listening to live music on the shore, drinking Absinth… a good life – we are on vacation.


Astronomical Clock seems smaller after seeing the one in Strasbourg Cathedral… still it garners great applause for doing little but bell striking. Where are the little figures that dance out the doors? No time for the Astronomical clock.

Absinth Slush – a new favorite of mine – if only they were sold at 7-11 or Stop N Go or Circle K.

Snapshots of Prague on my G10 – I am not working – I am on vacation.


G10 photo a few crucifix shots I missed first time in Praga due to unavailability at the time (so I guess I am working a little).


Word from Scott Lauman that we could have met in Strasbourg – they are only 20KM away… determine I am canceling my Spain/Hungary/Poland Germany trip and changing it to three weeks with Lauman road tripping to Dresden/Cologne and a couple death camps in Poland… that I can do. End of year. After a month in Steamboat finishing journal work for FBA.


Slept solid 5.5 hours for the first time this trip – still unrested and far behind on sleep. Would like more rest but time is closing in on departure to the States.


Soviet stereo-type sometime rears its head in Prague: late for a train to Poderbody, ticket lady can’t tell me the time of the next train… I point to her computer screen which says 11:08 to Poderbody and ask if that is the time for the current train – she says I need to go to information, she can only sell me the ticket… “but is that the time for the train?” – “you need go to information”… missed train to Poderbody. Tight schedule – Poderbody now, will not be possible.

Stereo-type occurs again at the door of St Nicholas, Lesser Town when I ask if I can just poke my head in the door to take a quick look – “NO” – plea bargaining begins as the large man steps between me and the open door “NO” – I can see in and only want to move my head to take a peek “NO” –Tired and cranky, I ‘ve had enough of communist derivative attitude and take arms as my testosterone spills out of mouth in aggressive expletives onto the two men guarding the open door from my gaze: aggression at the steps of the money changers – this is of all the churches in Prague, the only one that charges to enter and one that no longer holds mass.
Standing before El Greco’s “Head of Christ” at the National Museum, Prague – outside the window, an older woman in khakis in a small back house courtyard adjusts a red table umbrella.

Mass, Our Lady of The Snows – staring at the Crucifix atop the alter displays the hierarchy of life and I am reduced to my proper place.

St. Vitus is truly underrated among listings of top cathedrals. It is a testimony to artist involvement in the physical scriptural celebration…bring the artists back.


Reconnect with Petr on the Charles Bridge. He got his 1D3 since last we met on this bridge.

Eyeglasses (computer glasses) break and loose a lens – now without a set of eyes: Adrienne has to read things to me.

Much is revealed about people on vacation – friendships are made or broken.

Love is more effective for change than anger – Jesus has it right. Anger grows in us like cancer. Many movements to free race, politic, and gender are born from anger. Love would be more effective as a impetus, but perhaps not feel as self-empowering.


Last night Prague perfected in discovering restaurant/bar with single car garage sized non-smoking performance cave where the Stan “The Man” Blues band – delivers the full capacity audience of 20 people into blues transcendence – Piano player and Adrienne connect – I am amazed by the 60 year old Stan and his Slavic machine of a drummer – three sessions – beef goulash and Guinness… jaws dropped, we depart for a Absinth night cap, pass another bar with drunk dancing among the three remaining customers – so we mimic them in the street, get beckoned through the window to join and do… until asked to leave by the owner since we are not ordering drinks…end up on the Charles Bridge at 2am listening to the Vtlava river and the sounds of a sleeping Praga.

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