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12 Hours – Today is Wednesday 10/26/11

Scott knocks at my door – I have slept 12 hours.


I have needed sleep.

I walk to the old part of Karlsrhue looking for a bakery.

Buy bread loaves. Get a coffee and a pastry. Walk around.

Find two churches and take some shots.


I head back to the house taking nature pattern shots for Scott. He can toss them if he wants – it gives me something to do as I walk. I like what he is working on.

Edit pattern shots and give them to Scott.

Continue working on editing images.


Download new software (OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 6) – it takes 40 minutes to download.

It corrupts my Photoshop CS5 – I spent several hours trying to fix CS5 – I am getting frustrated – remove OnOne software twice and reinstall to no avail – contact tech support.

They offer a link to the old version but mention nothing about fixing the problem or giving me a refund.

I also update my blog plugins and the theme – which over writes the custom code Jack had added. Now my tabs don’t look right nor does the css scripting.

Tonight I have difficulty sleeping.

This stuff tries me – modern convenience? Kaput!

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