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Early Dom – Today is Monday 10/24/11


Day three cologne , wake at 6 AM.

Once outside the apartment I discover that the doorbell is shaped the same to my touch as the light-switch and wake the house. Awkward moment at 6:30 am.

Get on the tram to the train station – the moon is out.

The Dom looms outside the train station.


I enter the cathedral pre-daylight- this is a first.

Spend 2 1/2 hours photographing Dom. It has a magical quality in the dark. The details and the artistry are meticulous this is now one of my favorite cathedrals I’ve been to. The stained-glass windows are remarkably colorful compared to the French windows.

I take part at the 10 am mass.

10:30 am: Starbucks for a Ciabatta breakfast sandwich and cup of joe.


I hit two more churches before 1130 then head back to Dom for the noon prayer to catch the light that streams in from the south window.

1:30 I photograph St. Ursula then walk over to St. Gereon.

In St. Gereon, I hear soul music being chanted – tones without words. I imagine the sound coming from monks… perhaps from a chamber below the floor. I look in a room where the door is cracked open slightly. I see microphones and realize the sound that permeates St. Gereon originates here.

But where are the monks?

I see only a man and a woman talking by the baptismal.

Soon the woman sings some clear notes and the man joins in harmony. They are taking advantage of the room acoustics – I am told this is one of only three such places in Koln where the sound will carry throughout a church from a single point with such mystic clarity.


I am invited to join them, but as others will attest, I can not carry a tune.

I find stained glass windows throughout Cologne to be most impressive and unique. It exhibits the famous German angst of German Expressionism.

Evening with Scott, Michal and Dorle and the kids. Micahel is creative publisher of Froh magazine and is under new issue deadline. He takes time to go through one of the magazines on the topic: LICHT (Light) It is brilliant (no pun intended). FROH online: { http://www.frohmagazin.de/ }

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