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Frankfurt – Today is Saturday 10/22/11

Am helped generously at Frankfurt airport in getting a train to Frankfurt Main (€3,90 vs. €30,00 for a taxi) – takes no time at all.

A German helper lets me know I won’t really be swooned by any churches until I get to Krakow.

Find the hotel – it is across the street from the train station.

I am in the hotel long enough to drop off everything but the camera and test the email – which is spotty at best: front desk blames the MAC saying “all Macs have trouble connecting.”

The room gives me spotty Internet but it works fine when I sit on the floor at the elevator!

Hit 4 churches (not much here, I am disappointed after my initial excitement earlier at John Wayne).


Big event in town is the Occupy Frankfurt protest gathering. I snap a few photos to document I was here, but only think to myself that the bankers and brokers in the EU exchange building are surely not moved or concerned by the festival barking on the street. I wonder how this is different from the hippies in the 60’s – that changed a lot. Nothing new under the sun. Yes, I am skeptical.


I will be done shooting Frankfurt early tomorrow.

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