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G10 Shines – Today is Friday 10/28/11


After last night’s 8 bottles of German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French wines and an art crit until 5 Am – I am up at 8:30 am for coffee tasting at the Karlsrhue coffee expert…  my head hurts.

(but oh, was last night good, community at its best – tasting, topping, deep in conversation, and laughs – nearly nine hours around the table).

Water. Need water.

Mark is sick so it is just Alex and me leaving late morning in his Subaru jeep to taste coffee in the new city of Karlsrhue.

Coffee roaster has sign – closed – he is “ill” – looking in glass door I see him, and he is beat-up – I should have taken his photo with bandages and blood.- ate chicken from the crazy chicken man, got chocolate from the chocolatier, ended up at a slaughter house that is being made into an arts and cultural center… shot with the G10 – a fun and unexpected day.

The G10 shines!


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