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Kaput! – Today is Tuesday 10/25/11

Day four Cologne.

First thing in the morning, Scott and I find a way to get me 50% off of a train ticket back to Cologne. It is done.

We head out on the tram back to the train station – I’m going to hit up the last of the churches in Koln while Scott visits museums. We stop in for a breakfast ciabatta at Starbucks and talk for about 35 min. The day begins.

Scott is off to the museum shows while I head to St. Martin’s – I am surprised to find out this belongs to the Bridgettine Sisters.


I stop at seven churches – three are closed.

Today’s selection are rather austere, still the design is very unique and progressive.

German design carries through to their churches making them modern and unique to others I have been photographing.


I most note that the art (murals / windows) are with German-angst expressionism, and this sets these creations apart from others too.

One in particular reminds me a little in tone of Picasso’s Guernica.


There is some brilliant originality occurring and I will write about them in future SNAPSHOTS at the FBA website.

Scott and I meet up at the end of the day at Starbucks and head out on a mission to find wine and flowers as a humble thanks to Michal and Dorle for hosting us. Scott also offers them a print.

Upon leaving our hosts, their son Mattas wants to say goodbye from his room. From where he sits he shows us his toys. I speak to him the word I learned from him the previous day – I respond to his toys with “Kaput!” and he starts throwing them all over the floor.

His parents look at me and say, “Thanks Jeff” – but there is a bit of humor in their resignation. They are at the end of a tiring day, and Michal has been up against magazine deadline. Of course I did not mean to incite Mattas – I was joking with him, I thought.

Mattas is a bundle of energy and quite dramatic.

Eventually Scot and I make it back on the train to Karlsrhue – a couple hours – lots of good conversation. We are met at the Karlsrhue station by Mark who drives us back to the community house. Read about the house here at Scott’s blog: Deutschland

It is community night (Tuesday and Thursdays) and we sit around the table taste-topping wines from everywhere, laughing, and having conversation until the wee hours.

I am going to sleep well.

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