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Kraków Day 2 – Today is Nov. 05/11


Scott and I have breakfast upscale on at the square. We talk art and concept, process and being.

We part for our own pursuits.

I hit the churches of old town. I look for photos on the way that I might remember the town.

I take the same snapshots everybody else takes (as usual). I am the common man’s photographer (laugh, shake head incredulously)


I work my way over to Wawel hill where I enter Wawel cathedral only to find out there are no photos allowed.

There are elements in the cathedral worth photographing.


I ask to talk to whomever is in charge of press.

That does not get me far.

I am told I need to talk to the prior.

Finally with an interpreter I talk with the prior and he tells me I need to send a written request but in the course of the conversation he asked me what time I want to photograph and puts me down for Monday between 8 and 9 AM before the public is allowed in.

In the course of the conversation, and out of the blue, the Prior asks me when I would like to photograph the cathedral. I say Monday. He gives me access to the cathedral only from 8-9 AM on Monday. I will take it. It is a victory for me to gain the privilege.

I’ve craved Polish sausage from arrival to Kraków. Scott and I looked everywhere and were told that nobody served “Polish” sausage – I have resigned my quest for the mythological delicacy. However, look: walking down the street I noticed one restaurant offers Polish sausages as appetizer. Dinner has been decided and I sit with a Polish sausage with onions and mustard and beer on the table before me. Sorry – no photo.

The mythical beast exists.

It is a good day.

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