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Kraków Day 3 – Today is Nov. 06/11


Sunday  – this is a Catholic city.

I head to the churches in Kazimerz and Podgorze, on the other side of Wawel Hill.

I seem to hit a Mass no matter the time or place. Out of respect for the worshipers and the ceremony, I won’t shoot during a Mass from within the church.

I submit to today’s circumstances and intend to stay on schedule to weave my mosaic of the consecrated. It appears to me Kraków is giving me shots of people praying and worshiping – these are repeated so far in the three days of shooting.


Today, much of my perspective is from behind glass. Normally this would be very upsetting but it makes for unique shots that I don’t have and for this I am glad.

This continues to happen as my arrival to many of the churches is between hours of mass and public accessibility – I get the shots I’m given – I work creative decisions despite limitations.


It is evening, I meet up with Scott and he wants to try the place with the elusive polish sausage.

We talk art. Scott is a pregnant poet, struggling the birth pains of creativity.

After a couple beers we dis the wall mural – there is a painted man sitting spread eagle facing me and the woman is inappropriately stroking a stein. The perspective is forgotten and it is all undertoned and outlined in a garish green.

We laugh too hard.

The waitress asks what is wrong with their wall?

“The wall is fine,” I reply.

It is good to laugh.

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