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Kraków Day 4 – Today is Nov. 07/11


Game Day.

Wawel Cathedral.

It is a cold and foggy morning.

It is a cold and foggy morning.

Gloves required.

I get up early and head to Wawel cathedral with lot’s of time – can’t see past the buildings ahead, fog is like pudding, I lose my sense of direction and start to panic, walking faster in the direction I think I must go, finally arriving to the cathedral just at eight o’clock sharp and find the Prior – he is about to begin morning Mass. So much for arriving early to set up.

I’m allowed access to the church. I am given an assistant to watch my gear and guide me if I need.

I’m even told the church is mine by my assigned attendant.

But what I find is the side chapels are locked – No access I am told, orders of the boss

I explain that I am making a mosaic, really, not photographing the church itself…

The guard/assistant says that he’ll let me in after 830, after mass is over, and so, for me, the bulk of the shooting begins at 830. I have 30 real minutes.

I had pre-scouted Saturday, my professional practice takes over and I acquire what I came for.


Getting on my back to lie on the floor with my 5D2 in hand, forgetting about the 1DsII with the 24-70 L lens as I lie back quickly, and IT flies off my chest hitting the marble floor hard enough to spit the battery out several feet. Despite the loud bang – the camera is unharmed but for the loss of black paint on the body corner: a testament to these pro camera bodies.

It is 9am – the prior shuts me down.

The morning is a success.

I take off on a planned route to acquire eight more churches.

Stop at the park Toilette – for a cost of 2 zt – a girl is standing in the men’s room door…I am confused. She isn’t the attendant collecting the fee.

She is there with her boyfriend and he is shaving in the bathroom sink.


I take his photo. He wants 5 zt. I say ok. He says he wants 10 and counts to ten so I understand. I tell him he can have 5.

All is good – my favorite photos of the day.

I finish photographing churches zig-zagging my way from one end of old town to the other taking city photos on the way.


It is another productive day for me. The air is crisp. The city asks if I would like to move here. I am thinking yes.

Scott meets me at a Pizza restaurant… his day was frustrating again. His creative labor pains persist. The creative process makes monsters of us all and frustrates the flow of our lives. In the end, it is worth it.

We talk art. We talk process. I think he is coming to term, soon will be a birth of clarity and vision. I share his frustration but also know from experience that he is on the verge. I have faith. I know his potential.

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