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Scott – Today is Sunday 10/23/11


Day two, Frankfurt – I look out the window and like the street patterns.


It is early and the sun tips the top of St Antonius – but it is closed and I move on.

Minimal shooting today – I attend mass at Church of Our Lady, talked with the organist and am chatted up by François

François  looks to have cancer. I don’t know, I don’t ask. The left side of his face is swollen like a grapefruit. He initiates our conversation and we talk a while. He asks to continue talking by e-mail, I agree. I will make good on that promise. I have a feeling that many people ignore him. Later I catch him praying and putting flowers on a Madonna.


Frankfurt Train Station is picturesque. I am enjoying a few shots with the G10.


2:40pm, train station track 11 – Scott arrives carrying two sleeping bags. We are leaving on the train to Cologne. My trip is about to begin. I am here in acceptance of an invitation from Scott almost a year ago over a New Years Eve Taquilla/Whiskey binge. Scott and I pick up as though no time has past.

Neither of us knows how we met years ago at Soul Survivor where we spoke on a small stage together about art and faith to a confused audience… we have been instant comrades since despite the mystery. Someone will fill us in on the particulars of the meeting one day… but for now, we are on our way to Koln.

Cologne (Koln) promises to be bountiful, where Frankfurt was not.

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