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Catch-Up, It Is Raining. Today is 12/30/09 in Jerusalem

Stay in and catch-up on log writing, photo editing…

Wash my clothes in the sink. Sister Liliana gives me some good smelling laundry detergent. (she gave me enough for weeks, I think she was hinting at something).

Rabbi Shmuli emails about a place for Shabbot.

Make a post to the Consecrated Space Blog. It touches ideas learned from my visits to St. James Cathedral.

This is the first day I have had time to myself without working (or moving) in months. It didn’t seem right at first and then I realized I have been moving, walking, shooting, editing, developing, logging, blogging, writing since I arrived in Jerusalem almost three weeks ago. Well there was that one Shabbot – that was fine.

Today I am catching up on my stuff. (there are thousands of photos – I am trying to come home with only a few hundred – but there are so many good shots!)

Except for two churches and Mea Shearim, I will have fulfilled my shooting agenda for Jerusalem, though there is material here for a years worth of photo work – it is so richly textured (but then that is not completely why am here, but to gather more data and imagery to inspire American churches toward visual beauty in there places of worship, and for me to learn and to be equipped with experiential data to discuss consecrated space and its value to community). There is more to acquire beyond Jerusalem (or Israel).

My work on this matter is not done… just coming to a close here in Jerusalem, for this trip.

I am blessed. I thank everyone who sponsored this trip, large and small contributions, for getting me here to do the work. I thank you constantly daily with God’s blessing and pray this will make a positive contribution to our lives in the end.

Those are my thoughts today as I take a breather on this rainy afternoon in Jerusalem.

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  1. Nancy Lopez
    Posted December 30, 2009 at 3:24 pm | Permalink

    So good to hear from you brother. I have not been checking the daily log–Hank had back surgery last week and spent a week in the hospital. He is doing lots better, home now, and I am playing nurse.

    Thank you for your blessing to us. You’re a gem:) Nancy

  2. Posted December 31, 2009 at 4:18 pm | Permalink

    Nancy, tell Hank I say hello and that my prayers are with him for recovery – he certainly has the best nurse!

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