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POST # 100 (of daily logs): Cathedral, People, Lunch, Synagogue, Teaching, Tea and Spaghetti. Today is 01/05/10 in Jerusalem


Walked to the Russian St Trinity Cathedral,  Again, a bit of a late start, but I have a 4 hour window to be there with permission to photograph.

Not long after being there a group arrives, it is crowded. I am thinking, drat, I will have to shoot around the people. But then mass starts and I am given a gift.

I leave with almost 300 photos from St. Trinity.

Photographing people as I go through the Muslim Quarter, dropping off XS t-shirts and gear to those I took photos, am given Arabic coffee from new acquaintances, I finally reach  Jaffa gate, and wait for Rob to arrive. He was in Jerusalem teaching Jewish meditation the night before and stayed over so we could hang out today

We go to lunch at a health food restaurant – delicious and the bread…. Ummmmm.

Rob and I walk to one of the first Jerusalem Jewish settlements. It to is picturesque – I think I would need more than an extra month to photograph Jerusalem. So rich in imagery is she and her people. This month I have really only covered the Old City (and really, I am not finished except I AM finished in accomplishing what I came to accomplish)

Rob and I have a good time talking and he shows me a few synagogues. I try to get some photos, but it really is not permitted.

Rob prays upon me a blessing as we part.

I walk the couple miles back to the Sisters Bridgettine for dinner.

The sisters made me spaghetti and chicken with oranges, potatoes and green squash…The spaghetti was my request. I don’t have time to eat it all and ask if I could have it later when I return, as I have a meeting and have to dash out.

Walk quickly with a full belly to Rabbi Slauss’ house.

With Rabbi Slauss, driven by his Doctor friend, we drive to hear Rabbi Braun at the Mayanot Study Institute.

We hear Rabbi Braun discuss Stones and Bricks (and the opening resonates in my spirit):


First recording:

Torah Revealed – Parshat Shmot Rabbi S. Braun

Main topic: Stones vs Bricks

After, I sit with Rabbi Slauss at his dining/work table receiving links for further study, downloading Lightroom 2 for his photography, seeing his extensive and human photos of Ha-Kotel (Rabbi is a painter and photographer), discussing lenses and 5d2 operation, and receiving mitzvah and teaching. But more than the need to know Lightroom or cameras, I think Rabbi was seeing my framework with which he could more clearly add to my understanding and deepen my being in the joy of, and the love for God.

Rabbi gives me a couple bags of Herbal Cinamon Vanilla Tea to take home.

It is almost 1 am. This is my last night in Jerusalem.

There is a bowl of Spaghetti on my desk when I arrive back to my room.

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