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D Minor and Ring the Bell. Today is 01/02/10 in Jerusalem


I was told Augusta Victoria would be open today, and yes, I am determined.

I walk up to the top again to get in, and lo and behold, Augusta Victoria is open. And what a grand time to see it as there is a concert later in the day, and the Organist is practicing. Inside the church it is just me and him, I am shooting and he is playing through the pieces he will be performing – several beautiful pieces and then to my delight, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor with his own embellishments – a real treat.

It is odd to be so close to the Organist for hearing him play at the keyboard sounds like someone tapping on computer keys for the sound is coming out slightly delayed from the pipes above…  I record a few minutes of it on my iPhone  – yes, I have a iPhone, I just don’t use it as a telephone.


I walk to the Greek Orthodox Church, through the gate door and to the church, passing the peacocks and horses. Dang – the doors are locked again! As I leave I ask one of the men up front when if ever is this church open? I am told, it is open when the bells ring for prayer, and for tour groups, but if I ring the bell, a priest will come and open the church for me…

I walk back to the church, and there is a red buzzer up high to the inside post of the middle door… I push it and hear a loud ringing like an alarm, and wait. Dogs are barking. I wait. I push it again. I wait.. Eventually a priest comes and I ask him if I may see the inside of the church.


He let’s me in and I am floored by the amount of icons that fill this tiny earthquake broken church. I have not seen a museum with as many icons as are in this church. This too was certainly worth the persistence of returning for entry.


I return to the guesthouse and edit the previous XS photos, and write for the rest of the day, catching up on the work – visit for a while with Nils, dinner, news. Tomorrow Nils and Barbara leave back to Sweden.

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