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Green Light & Dome of the Rock. Today is 01/04/10 in Jerusalem


This morning came an email from Sister Elena of St Trinity Cathedral (Russian Orthodox at the Russian Compound) – I have been granted permission to photograph the Russian Cathedral Tuesday between 10am and 1 pm. That is great news, and this is my last church on the list, the day before I leave the Middle East.

Morning edits, pack, and I decide this is a good morning to visit the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount.

It closes at 10:30 am and it is 8:50 am as I arrive … and there is a line that extends about 80 yards full of bus tour groups standing still.

I decide this will not do, as I won’t have time to take any photos.

I go to the front and start asking if I can get in line. Finally, an Italian group gives me access.

Once at security I am searched and told to leave my camera backpack (no large bags are allowed in) but somehow I am able to convince them I need it. I am told I cannot use the 1Ds mkII with the 2x extender and the 70-200mm lens… that it would not be acceptable: Only the G10 (the small camera). I ask if I can use the 5DmkII with the 85mm 1.2… they say ok.

SO I am in. Photos outside the mosques only

The Temple Mount is a beautiful place.

Come 10:30 – everyone is ushered out but for Muslims, as it is open to them for prayer.

I walk through the Old City, like usual, photographing the life there.


I stumble upon the 4th station of the cross and go inside, take some photos. I like the shot of the crucifix that opens this log.

Head back to the Sister’s and begin editing and developing.

Come 6:30pm, I am done with today’s photos and it is time for dinner.

Here are some people shots I liked from today’s walk.

Post the log.

Wash my clothes.

Go to bed

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  1. Rita
    Posted January 4, 2010 at 11:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jeff!
    I guess your mission is almost accomplished and you are coming back home?
    Thanks for your daily blog an make us part of this journey…
    The shot of the Crucifix opening the log is very beautiful and meaningful to me. The Saint behind the crucifix has a very special meaning to me and my mom…I’ll tell you the story when you’ll be back.

    Take care,
    See you soon,

  2. Posted January 4, 2010 at 11:56 pm | Permalink

    Hi Rita – I can’t wait to hear about that image and the meaning for you.

    Yes, I am flying out tomorrow and will be back in California (God Willing) on the 7th (Thursday) and at Bio on Sunday :) …. tell me – where is everyone meeting now? An address I can Google? ~ Jeff

  3. Rita
    Posted January 5, 2010 at 10:45 am | Permalink

    Hi Jeff!

    Wow! You must be happy to be back home by now, aren’t you?!
    I wish you a safe trip, and I’m looking forward to see you on Sunday night. Yes, God willing, inshallah!

    I will be sending you the address of the new place through your facebook message. Just give me a little time to find it!

    Bon voyage!


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