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Home Away From Home, Away From Home. Today is 01/06/10 in Jerusalem


Look around the room one more time before heading into the Old City one last time. I look at the laptop and think, “Thank you Jack” – without his generosity there would not have been any photo edits, no Daily Log: the laptop was essential.

I walk to the old City.

I walk each street in the Muslim Quarter looking for my last “people in the Old City” photos, noting how friendly everyone seems today – many ask me to take photos of them (rare) , others letting me when I initiate a request… I like this photo of Jamil (‘handsome’ in Arabic).


Back at Sisters, I do a quick edit and start to pack. Look at my bed for this past month… I won’t be sleeping here again. Tonight I will be on a plane to L.A.


I use the phone in the front office to arrange a shuttle from Notre Dame at 7:45pm, and a Taxi to Notre Dame at 7:30, return to my room to start continue packing.

Have my last dinner; Sister Liliana gives me extra figs and tangerines for the flight.

Go back to the room to finish packing when I get a call – the taxi is early. I rush the packing and dash out the door – say goodbye to the Sisters and get in the taxi.

We make it quickly to Notre Dame. Just as I am dropped off, the Shuttle pulls up (15 minutes early!!!). What amazing timing – my laptop is on and I am still transferring the photos to a second external back-up… (I had to rush out due to the early taxi and it is a good thing too!)

Driving to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, the files are finished transferring and I shut down the laptop.

At the airport, 4 levels of security – I am allowed only 1 (of my two) carry-on bags due to the weight – first time I have had this happen and I am bummed to let some of my equipment ride with the luggage instead of being with me in general population.

I sit and wait for my 12:40 am “red eye” flight.

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