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Meandering. Today is 12/27/09 in Jerusalem


Awoke at 7am. 10 hours of sleep. I must have needed it.

Write for the log, edit the photos for it and try finishing the uploads before 11 to meet Eli at the Synagogue she wanted me to experience a noon service.

Time ticks, Internet is slow, I keep messing up the upload and it is now noon and too late to make it to the service.

I didn’t say for sure I would be there so I stop stressing in concern for Eli, and go to plan B – to just walk into the Old City and see where I end up.

I enter Flowers gate this time and decide to walk it blind (lost fashion, wandering). Besides the kids around this part of town who all seem to want there picture taken (and only one asks for money for posing), I notice the graffiti here which due to its nature, look more like paintings from the NY galleries from the autonomic drawing abstract period, even Cy Twombly’s early work comes to mind.

I end up at Via Dolorosa and buy some sesame bread for 5 shekels that comes with some spice in a small piece of newspaper. It is tasty. But further in I stumble upon a small bakery where the price is 3 shekels and it is fresh from the oven (no spice comes with it) and it is as good as bread is out of the oven.

Taking random photos today of people with a sundown goal to be on the wall rampart for some city shots.

I work my way past the Cardo to the parking lot and there is Eli!

She tells me that there was no service today. Isn’t that interesting.

She takes me to the area of David’s tomb and to a place that was uncovered that is ignored, but is, according to Eli, a messianic synagogue that is very large under ground from the time of the Essenes, and likely where Yeshua had been. This is her research, following where Jesus had actually been contrary to popular claims and tourist locations.

The sun is setting and I need to get to the rampart. I feel myself getting edgy.

I pay 16 shekel and enter at Jaffa to take the Lions Gate walk. Sun is sinking fast, and the beginning of the rampart is below the roofline of the buildings.

Near the end, however, it gets to a better view and by dusk I am treated to boys practicing soccer with the Dome of the Rock in the background, and girls basketball practice. It is really a cool scene and has me thinking again what an amazing place this is.

I end the walk just as dusk is closing and Muslim call to prayer plays its multi point cacophonous counter prayers from loud-speakered minaret to loud-speakered minaret. The view before me and behind me is breathtaking.

The city lights are on and the sky is pink and blue and orange and yellow – and how I wish I could have a beer here now with my friends. This is the place.

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