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Rest. Today is 12/13/09 in Jerusalem.

Worked on Edits during breakfast this morning. _MG_2967-Day1_Jer_MtO_SB_general-LeFeverLlog_

Glad this laptop is working. Thank you Jack.

Little sleep last night. Not fully here in Jerusalem yet.

Continue edits in the little sitting room at Sisters Bridgettine.

Work more from the room and emails. This is how my mornings go until I am acclimatized to being here.


3 pm decide to walk the perimeter of teh Old City but don’t get past Damascus Gate. Enter their amongst the ‘old-world-like’ merchants haggling and bartering. It is colorful here beyond belief. Textured with people and things it is a sensory overload. The stones where people walk are indeed shiny and slick from so many soles.

LeFever_meat_Damascus-Gate_walkI brought a lot of gear – the 1DsmkII with the 70-200mm IS f/2.8 hangs from my shoulder at my waist and is useless in these tight narrow and very crowded walkways – it weighs too much to lug around and not use (haveing second thoughts about bringing it). Mostly shooting with the 5dmkII and 24-70 2f/2.8 glass.

I am always fascinated by butcher shops … I intend to shoot a lot of flayed animals in the days to come. But for today, I am only scouting the area and figuring out what to bring and what not for where and when. Make my outings more specific and less general.

Come into an open area and lo and behold, now I can use the heavy camera as I click off an exchange of a large tray of bread from one boys head to a smaller boys head as he takes off to deliver.

Eventually I find myself exiting the market maze to find myself at the Kotel (Western Wall) and go through security into the square.

For five shekels, I find myself atop the Davidson Virtual Center, a museum not yet finished that advocates Zionism and the return of Jews to a fully Jewish State. From the roof I have a great panorama of the city and watch the lighting of the Menora at the Wall.

To my right, a Rabbi explains in Hebrew the scale model of the Temple, which they hope to rebuild and for which this museum is to help persuade reason, proof and support.

Walk back to Sisters feeling a strong need for aspirin.

The call to prayer as I walk up the street in Mt. of Olives at night with the weird neon visuals in a impoverished part of town is Orwellian in a sort of other worldly way. As if I am in a post-apocalyptic future police state (in a sci-fi creepy sort of way) – As strange as it is it is very cool. I watch little Palestinian kids playing on a roof top – chasing one another and throwing things and I am flashed back to my child hood. I can see this trip is going to get “under my skin”. I will have a lot to write about this another time.

Talk with Lela Gilbert and plan to meet at Jaffa Gate tomorrow, go for lunch and see the German Colony.

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