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$16 of Breaded Grease Southern Style, 03/15/11, Memphis, TN

Wake around 9:30am and make coffee.

Today’s goal, finish and post my IAM notes.


Post notes.

Get new music from Philip – we all lounge around the office – it is a cloudy day in Memphis.

Dinner time. There was a chorus on the plane when I asked what I should do in Memphis, one lady chirped Gus’ and the other said YES! You have to do Gus’ Chicken. So tonight, Philip and I opt for the Southern favorite (Savannah stoutly refuses opting instead for Chinese Orange Chicken – Pei Wei).

Now I am to understand the people of the South are friendly and sweet – but I was warned that sometimes under the sweetness is a cutting that will leave you bleeding. Now maybe those ladies had something against California, or maybe they just didn’t like men, but I am sure that they sent me to Gus’ to move me closer to my grave Alright, I am exaggerating. But maybe I am not – I will know for sure in a couple hours.

Wanting the full Southern experience offered by Gus’ (more a fast food joint than a real restaurant), I ordered Corn Nuggets (fried), Fried Okra, Fried Green Tomatoes, and hush Puppies (which are also fried)… and fried chicken, of course. It seems that the main ingredient of the breading is Salt. But it is equal parts grease and I see as I type that it is oozing from my fingertips onto my black Apple Laptop keyboard even though I washed my hands.

Tonight t Philip and Savannah’s is the Memphis Smug Group (Smug Mug – a group of photographers meeting for fellowship/ community) I am presenting, talking about my work – but there is a rock of Gus in my stomach and I may pass out before people arrive – maybe not the best night for Gus’ (if there is such a thing?).

The group goes well into the night. Lots of good folk and good talk.

Late night sleepĀ  on distressing news from home.

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