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A Barry Day. Today is 02/26/10 in Colorado Springs.

I wake and finish the web gallery of photos from Church of the Atonement and send the link to J.D. and Gary to preview.

Julia is off to work. Barry and I talk most the morning before heading out to Colorado University Colorado Springs for a class Barry is giving on Film and Creativity. It is a four hour class and we cover such movies as:

The Great Train Robbery

Birth of a Nation


Manchurian Candidate


Gremlins 2

Bullitt (yes, the chase scene)

Blue Velvet

The New World

A Scanner Darkly

Hamlet (Nathan Hawke version)

Strange Days

After class Barry and I have a drink and bar snacks at The Broadmore (Jack and Coke for me and a soda water for Barry) as we discover a fascination with Women’s Olympic Curling.

The Broadmore is a Winter Wonderland.

I have been feeling strange all day and not all together… may be altitude adjustment, may be something else, but my head is slow and spacey, and I feel really tired: plus a bit of culture shock may be setting in as there have been suc changes in places, cultures, means of getting around, activities, social classes, lifestyles… it has been nonstop now for several weeks with no rest. Looking forward to doing nothing in Steamboat but writing for the FBA.

Find out that Dale and Jonalyn have yet to deliver Master Fincher and that may happen during my time in Steamboat. That would be exciting!

Barry and I head out for dinner and I realize I have lost my second pair of gloves. Now I am a gloveless one in Winter snows.

What else will I lose on this trip? (so far: 2 pair of gloves, pants, umbrella, wool neck warmer, rain cover for my backpack … though that was replaced for me by Think Tank! – oh yeah – and my iPhone is acting up and needs ot be taken in to Apple).

Barry and I head out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants, Shuga’s (but it is packed and we eventually settle for the Mason Jar.

Back at the house we watch the Bullitt car chase one more time and call it a day. Julia is at a friend’s house in Denver.

Sleep is good.

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