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A Simple Day Ends WIth The Law. 7/14/10, Albuquerque, NM

Brian leaves for work, Mel leaves for day one (of four) of work, Isaiah packs and leaves for a two day camping trip with friends, Sutherland and Cailan watch TV (spongebob, iCarly, suite life on deck [Disney Channel]), I start my day on the laptop.

Lewis and Blake sing.

I talk to Barry on the phone. Hello Jules! I wish we all lived closer. Barry was accepted into his Masters program and so begins being a simultaneous professor/teacher and student of film. This semester, he is teaching on cult films. Now that I think about it (since Barry always likes to ask people what their favorite movies are as a way of getting to know them – and I never have an answer…)… and it is hard for me to think of this as a cult classic,  but (though it makes cult lists… and a definition of Barry’s is ‘a cult film is one that does not do well at box-office on release but manifests a following over time’ {paraphrased}),  one of my faves has to be Blade Runner – in fact I wrote a paper on it as I recall in college in a humanities class on the question of “what is human?”. So know I have an answer… I just have to remember that I have an answer  – ha ha ha.

Maybe next Soulation… Barry can bring BLADE RUNNER The Ultimate Collector’s Edition :)

Philip sends me a article about Nouwen: Mystical Evangelism.

Philip and I text back and forth. The article feeds me more information that will broaden my vocabulary for the FBA. Thanks Philip – you always offer me good reading and considerations.

This morning, I am just “chillin’” and the birds keep singing.

I see my friend Brad has a show coming up at The Fahey/Klein Gallery and have to decline my invitation.

Brian is back for lunch, after which we head over to Calvary where I start work on the Services page for the FBA website.

Order a grilled chicken mushroom provolone sandwich and get a stomach ache.

Getting a diet coke when a Medo-Persian man (Iran) comes up to me and begins what turns into a 2 hour conversation. His name is Buick. It is a great conversation – he is Christian, came to this country at 13 with skills in linguistics… has a doctorate in Psychology and health…needless to say, I failed to get much done on the FBA website. I did however work enough on the services section to realize I needed help in layout and rewrite.

Much has changed since I first wrote this text in Steamboat back in March.

Back to the Nixon House for dinner and then Brian and I leave for Wednesday night church at Calvary Alb – he is working Wednesday nights.

I meet and enjoy laughter with Eric Lamb and of course have fun with Dave Row.

Skip speaks on Genesis 35.

We leave and get ice cream treats at the store.

In the company of Blake and Lewis, Brian and I talk for the next 2 hours on the Law of the Jews, Israel, lens of Soulen’s supersessionism, N.T. Wright, the authority of Jesus the Christ, Jesus the Jewish Messiah, absolution of the Jewish law in the destruction of the temple – Jesus’ reference to that forthcoming, the metaphors in Jesus pertaining to abolition of the law, how we know intent and agenda of Paul -  Jewish lens on meaning, Jewishness of Paul, first cause (in relation to the giving and abolition of the law) …

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