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Adrienne and Chelsea. Today is 02/17/10 in New York City

Clean up Tony’s apartment and put away the computer – wait to hear from Adrienne about her arrival.

Adrienne is driving from York, PA. to a wholesale plaster cast shop  in New Jersey, where she is going to buy some castings for a art class that she teaches. Her GPS freezes and that hiccup puts her 45 minutes off course. I catch up on daytime TV at Tony’s. What a contrast from the Guggenheim exhibition.

Adrienne calls and has her castings; she is on her way into Chelsea.

I give Tony’s apartment keys to the superintendent and head off with my bags to the L train, transferring over on the C, and ending up across Manhattan on the West side at 8th Ave and 23rd street, standing on the corner waiting for Adrienne in her little red Pontiac.

There she is. Big hugs are always appreciated.

We spend about a half hour driving the streets of Chelsea looking for a free parking spot, finally submitting to a paid parking garage. It is expensive but no more than the cost of museum tickets these days.

Touring the art galleries of Chelsea, deep in conversations on life and art, nothing really touches our souls with the current shows. It is rather disappointing really. I wonder if my perception is tainted from the Guggenheim exhibits?

We stop and have dinner at an Don Giovanni’s splitting a pizza and a chicken salad, then hit the road for York along the Jersey Turn Pike.

Talk continues on family and histories, listening a little to Ian McKellen read the Odyssey, opting instead for Adrienne relating the story verbally instead, describing the story of the movie The Reader and the plot of Revolutionary Road.

We pull into a convenient store where Adrienne gets a healthy green drink and I load up on pretzels, a Pepsi and a donut: ROAD TRIP. It must be my generation….

We arrive at her family home in York greeted by her Mom (Judy) and Dad (Brad) and one of her sisters (Whitney), and Ted (the family dog, who has a page on Facebook). Interesting conversation continues and I see where Adrienne gets her “stuff.” Her mom has made available white bean chicken chili soup and chocolate cake – oh how I wish I hadn’t eaten that donut!

It is after midnight, I am sleeping in the basement.

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