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Afternoon With Skip. 7/15/10, Albuquerque, NM

Spend theĀ  morning working on the FBA website deciding to to make a few PDF downloads instead of a web page FULL of text… so I work on the slide show information PDF and realize I haven’t all the image files I need – maybe I can hook into my computer back in CA. (?)

After lunch, Brian takes me over to Skip’s house for an afternoon lesson in post-production (Skip is also a photographer who takes photos all over the world on his travels).

I grabĀ  a few quick photos for the Graphic Design Department (Calvary Alb.) – the light in Skip and Lenya’s home is perfect.

Skip makes ice coffees. I needed one – not yet acclimated to the altitude or else I am just getting old.

We sit at Skip’s computer and spend 3 good hours on post retouching (object removal), Camera Raw development in ACR, CS5 B&W conversions and a few layer tricks…. great time.

I always enjoy the time with Skip – good soul with fine interests.

Back at the Nixon’s Mel has cooked Salmon (I generally do not care for Salmon, but Mel has cooked it in such a way to remove the fish taste I shy from… thanks Mel! – Good meal).

I work on post for Skips photos using C1 Pro – there are 51 winners from the very brief shoot. Satisfying. The Apostles Creed is playing on the TV – I am half listening to the brilliance of the men in the documentary. I started watching this in Costa Mesa when the Nixons lived there years ago – finally get to finish it here in the Albuquerque home. I would like to study the unabridged version…

Sutherland makes Banana Bread.


I forgot how mesmerizing it is.

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