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Arrival NYC, 02/28/11, NY, NY

Brian leaves for conference and I discover that the hotel room DOES have a coffee maker.

Storm Watch is on TV. I check flight status: flight has not been canceled or delayed (yet).

Check emails:

My sister Victoria and Niece Elizabeth are sick with cold – they live in Burbank where it snowed (Southern CA!!)

Shower/ pack.

Go watch an advanced screening of Doonby. http://www.doonbythemovie.com/

It is 10 am.

Movie ends at noon.

Doonby was an evocatively smart script, and though some of the acting was poor, and better lighting could have been chosen for mood … the movie left me thinking – Brian and I talked about it as we rushed me to the airport for a 1:20pm departure (we were asked and we promised at movie start to write about the movie specifics until movie release). . . many layers to the writing – a lot of symbol – allegorical.

Brian and I part ways until May 1 when I stay with him in Albuquerque.

Again, easy security…have they become lenient with photographers? What is different in my packing? Ahhh, Quantum batteries. I am not packing the Quantum batteries – they look suspicious to x-ray machines…like packs of C4. (no I haven’t seen a C4 pack – it is only a educated-by-way-of-movies guess).

Walking the sky walk bridge to the plane, my left foot slips forward on the inclined rubber, it is wet. My right knee skids across the rubber ripping my jeans and rashing my knee.

My memory may be short and slow these days, but I haven’t forgotten the expletive-deletives. Those were my new jeans!

The flight takes of on time. It is smooth.

I drink a spicy tomato juice.

Dulles International (Washington D.C.) I make the dash from one plane to the other: escalators, train, escalators . . .

Flight 7134:delayed due to air traffic control. Go have pizza and a salad. Fight is delayed again, and again.

Board the plane finally 2 hours late.

Girl next to me is a Syrian Jew born and raised in Manhattan. We converse the whole way in. She is flying in from a wedding in Italy, going home.

Land in LaGuardia.

Hail a taxi. Decide not to waste time to just save $25. Not tonight.

Taxi 7N86 – Jimmy from Columbia is driving, he is in his late 60’s, looks lie he is falling asleep, pumping the gas on & off, says he is retiring in 3 months.

Arrive in lower Manhtten. Thinking tomorrow I will write what I learned in Nashville.

Freddie is the concierge and Angel’s handling the door.

Scotty meets me and we go up to his apartment – we hit it off – it will be a good stay. Good call Silverback – we’re talking about you.

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