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Blue Skies Above, 03/08/11, Chicago, IL

My hosts’ instructions were to sleep in, wake and have coffee (it was readied for the double push of a button) – use the 4th floor of the rectory home to relax and write: collect myself.


This is correct. I will collect myself.

Working on the mocha latte colored granite counter top in the kitchen, thinking of maybe working in the high ceiling white tiled bathroom, or the soft lit butler pantry or the living room or the dining room (where I worked last year) – mixing it up to see how my writing is affected or how my thoughts might change from environmental dancing.

The cold is still with me, but I am feeling it weaken. “Go cold – go – no place for you here.”

Text from Adrienne commenting our friendship confuses people. I suppose one day it will confuse even us.

Here in Chicago I have already learned a solution to the question of closed churches – and why they are they not available, at least to pray in, 24 hours daily – J.D. is tired (in this period of life) with three major pulls that do not allow him to operate in the full excellence he would prefer. We talked and will talk more, as I do want to create new possibilities that help parishioners with their needs, and also aid leaders with the demands that wear them out.

The Give and Take must be mutual. It cannot flow one way for church to survive.

But I digress away from the simple LOG these entries are supposed to be and will save this conversation for the FBA blogs. wcemeconnect_bw_xg5z6829

Back to LOGGING (I need to remember I am only a logger here).

Download trial for NIK Silver Efx Pro 2 – test it on two photos (the B&W photos here), like it, buy it.

Email from Tim Jones – thoughts of how we can partner… (C3 and FBA as he is linking to FBA site) this makes the expense to Nashville/ C3 conference worth the expense.

Decide to follow up with Ken Myers (http://www.marshillaudio.org/about/myersbio.asp ) after subscribing to the Mars Hill Audio Journal for 2 years.

wnik_floraxg5z6655 I have been dead and buried too long. I am feeding myself what I need to come back to the table.

Listen to Kenda Creasy Dean on teens, culture, & church (“moralistic therapeutic deism”)

Email Dick Staub. http://dickstaub.com/

Listen to the music of Zach Williams and the Bellow http://www.zachwilliams.com/ who we danced to at closing night of IAM and wondered why Tosti gave up his music. Zach reminded Adrienne and me of Tosti.

Contact Old St. Pat’s to get photo permissions. Thinking if I don’t, I may just skip photos altogether and come out in summer instead.

This trip has become less about photos and more about pulling myself together.


Robert gets a portrait wrobertxg5z6875


Gary and J.D. are back. Gary walks Robert, J.D. has Pizza. I have a slice (or in this case a square).

Gary is back – he is the drink master – tonight: pre drinks are Modified Greyhounds blender style.

We hit a pub for dinner.

It is Mardis Gras in Chicago.

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