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Bugging Jack, Making Progress. 7/08/10, Albuquerque, NM

Wake, coffee, emails, log/blog…. get the first bucket page for the FBA online.

Skype for hours with Jack in California about code and stuff to set up a template so I can complete the first temporary site.

At Calvary Alb, after lunch, I continue to work and Skype.

Brian comes into the coffee house for Calvary with Skip and we hang for a while before leaving for the Nixon house where Taco fixings have been prepped by Mel. Dave Gatt and family arrive and so does Gil Brenton.

Talk is rich but the evening is intersected by tragedy as Dave G receives unsettling news. His daughter calls; her brother in law (16) has was just arrested for shooting an 18yearold dead, unloading 10 slugs into his chest – Brian looks it up on Albuquerque breaking news on the internet.

Prayers are made.

Eventually talk shifts to music, new songs for Dave and Brian’s new band… Gil’s movie  and a  producer meeting in the morrow.. Eventually talk settles to how everyone met. Isaiah sings several songs.

The evening winds down.

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