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California Bound, 3/22/11, Memphis, TN/Houston TX/Orange, CA


Early morning to finish packing, clean the room. Meet Philip downstairs.

When Savannah is ready and after saying my goodbye to Amydog, we all head out to Brother Juniper’s for breakfast.

Brother Juniper’s is owned by Greek Orthodox… the coffee is the best I have had on this trip: organic and specially made for them – roasted and delivered every few days. Breakfast is also good.

But nerves for the trip are setting in – I am not crazy to fly (or travel for that matter).

This is our last meal together here in Memphis. To add a little fun, we watch the duet of James Brown and Pavarotti doing “It’s a Man’s World”

We arrive at Memphis airport. Hug goodbye – until California…

Leave my Corned Beef sandwich in the Men’s room… so much for the effort to save it from last night…

Work on images on flight.

Plane lands in Houston a bit slanted – everyone is a bit nervous about the landing – but we are down fine. I have an hour wait before heading into Orange County and officially closing down the travelogue until May First.

Sitting in the airport I reflect on the trip and want to express some gratitude by way of acknowledgment:

Thanks Jack for being my best friend, getting me on the plane initially, and picking me up… See you at John Wayne!

Thank you to Brian for being my roommate in Nashville and giving me a place to stay (thanks Calv. Alb. for that as well). It would not have been as good with out you. See you all in May.

I want to thank Thornton for introducing me to Walter’s  – Thanks Big guy. See you in Anaheim and we can talk about Scotty behind his back.

I want to thank Scotty for the digs and good times in NYC – Thanks Scott. Top notch! Good to have a new friend. (I leave some cereal next time).

Thanks to Adrienne for joining me at the IAM Encounter and bringing the glamor. See you in May too.

Thanks to Karin and John for the great brunch and sharing your home with me and the nursing, and photo chasing– sorry about the cold.

I want to thank my brothers in Chicago, Gary and John David for the Southern hospitality and an always awaiting home from home – (and of course Robert! – whose next portrait is in July). Thanks for the space where I was able to collect myself. I was like hanging with you two.

Thanks to Savannah and Phillip for the love and inclusion into their life, and sharing Amydog of course (and for letting me teach her bad tricks) – thanks for the car, Garmin, and support always. No more sides from Gus’! To be continued.

Thank you everyone for making this month on the road turn out well for me.

The plane is boarding.

I edit on the plane, the woman next to me, Sheila, comments on the shots. We talk. Talk turns to God. Long story short, I encourage her to contact Pixar for a job… She is well traveled, well educated, lives in New Orleans, and is visiting her sister in Orange County. All in all, it is a blessing for sure.

Jack picks me up in my car at John Wayne airport. We have my welcome home meal at the Daily Grill in Fashion Island.

It is good to be back. It was a successful trip – now there is work to be done.

(Next Post will be May 1 as I head to Albuquerque New Mexico).

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  1. Posted March 23, 2011 at 10:14 pm | Permalink

    Welcome home!

  2. Jeff
    Posted March 23, 2011 at 11:07 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Mel – see you at the next breakfast?

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