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Calvary. 7/06/10, Albuquerque, NM

Brian wakes me at 7am.

A cup of coffee awaits me after my shower and shave.

The sharp New Mexico light cuts through the crisp morning air.

In the car, we joke a bit on things as we head from Brian’s house to CCA.

Some of the coffee in the cup I take from the house spills onto my lap as Brian and I pull into Calvary Chapel Albuquerque.

He opens up the morning devotional playing guitar and leading a song – the chapel worship leader Nick C. gives a study from Matthew 5:3 : “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

I meet my kindred spirit Dave Row – he is outside having his photo taken by Brandi and Kahn (design team) – Dave and I  start talking. We continue talking inside the coffee house and again the conversation comes to rest on Grace. It is a beautiful reminder of what matters in life.

Brian gets me to go to lunch, driving back to his house where we watch Uruguay and the Netherlands battle out the first half 1 to 1 in their semi final World Cup match-up.

A friend of Brian’s drops in, Gil Brenton, who discusses a movie he is producing and directing:   Road to Forgiveness.

Back to Calvary and I meet with Brandi who runs “Graphic Design.” We discuss what I will be teaching the staff come Friday. It is set and promises to be insightful!

Write up the Log.

Begin creating the FBA website (finally after months). It is slow since I forgot how the original PSD file is stacked …

Brian gets me and we head to the house where we meet a Landoll & Angie – Landell is about to be ordained as a Calvary Pastor (Saturday) a Navajo Calvary in the city of  Tohlakai.

Brian watches a movie shot on the reservation by Landoll of a lamb  slaughter.  I try to watch but the cutting of the throat is slow going  and the twitching of the lamb in the process is gruesome. I am  not used to this.

I volunteer to photograph the ordination Saturday.

Netherlands won their Semi-final.

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