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Calvary Tohlakai, First On a Navajo Reservation. 7/10/10, Albuquerque, NM

We wake early, the Nixon Clan and I, soon joined by Gil, we take off to get Sam. We are on our way to the Navajo Reservation near Gallop, New Mexico. This is the day of Landoll’s ordination and the official beginning of Calvary Tohlaki.

We arrive on the reservation after a two and half hour drive, hearing Sam’s stories of his last three trials as a criminal defense attorney (Sam was formally a prosecutor for the Federal Government). One case in particular was movie-esque – a Hollywood script waiting to be written.

We drive up to the Gospel Revival tent used by Landoll’s Father, a Pentecostal Preacher. Today it is being used for his son’s ordination as a minister for the first Calvary Chapel on a Navajo Reservation.

I brought my camera to capture the event, a 5D2 and a G10. It is quite moving – Landoll’s story is touching and joyous, there are few dry eyes today, it is a day of rejoicing.

Here are a few photos from one of the Res Dogs, to the tent, the ordination, and a traditional Hogan of which design Skip H. suggested Calvary Tohlaki be built when the day of building a church structure come.

We ate well. We talked well. Today was a ceremonious event with those whose hearts are for God.

Landoll is also a silversmith by trade, though the price of silver has hurt his business in this economy. Now his work shop shares space with his study books.

Landoll asked me in to see his silversmithing area and I opted to take some photos… what else?

We left fairly early, happy and well fed, a bit tired – stuck in traffic – the ride takes over 3 hours and many catnaps ensue.

Eventually we arrive back at the Nixon home, hungry for some strange reason – we eat leftovers.

I spend the night editing the nearly 500 photos from the day… tiring, eventually – retiring to bed after a small glass of Port.

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