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Catechumens and Bosque. Saturday, 4/03/10 in Albuquerque, NM.

The morning is a rush and we are off – the Nixon Clan is off to a baseball game and I am heading out to Old Town, to Albuquerque’s Oldest Catholic Parish: San Felipe de Neri Parish.

The parish father is prepping a group of catechumens for their first communion tonight, and also a family for a wedding after the Saturday Mass. Full night at San Felipe de Neri Parish.

I take some photos and sit behind the groups as I listen to the teaching and instruction by the father. Books are handed out about Catholicism, and I am passed one from someone in the group thinking I was also a catechumen.

I like that.

I move on to Capilla De Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe, a small shrine, filled with candles and notes of prayers and petitions, then over to Saint Johns Episcopal but it is closed. Ringing the bell I receive a rather cold reception to my request to photograph the church, being told I will need permission from the Dean. The Methodist church is also closed and I am feeling this area is a wash… not to be seen this trip to N.M.

I stop and take a couple shots of the abandoned Silver Moon on Highway 66 and then knock on doors at the uniquely art deco Immaculate Conception Church finally finding one door open and enter.

After talking some photos I meet Father Garcia and we talk for a while – he turns on the lights for me. Recommends I see Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

I meet up with the Nixons in the funky Knob Hill area. We go out to eat a New Mexico meal stuffing ourselves to the bursting point. Stomachs taught as watermelons we grab our left-overs and head home.

Brian, Mel, and I drive to the Bosque for a walk and discover the CUBE… we all agree it is the best of the land art in the Bosque preserve along the Rio Grande.

As we continue to walk….

Brian catches a tumble weed.

Back at the Nixon’s – I edit images but haven’t time to update the travelogue – it is another early morning tomorrow – sunrise.

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