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Chevy Graveyard (Last Day In Albuquerque). 7/20/10, Albuquerque, NM

It is my last day in Albuquerque.

Mel and the kids and Cousin John finish packing the SUV for the road trip to California.

We see them all off, surfboards, bicycles and tents.

Brian and i head out – he to work at Calvary, me to be dropped off on 4th street to explore on foot whatever I may find – but I do have an objective to get to a small transmission shop where I saw  some objects of interest: what I like to call the Chevy Graveyard.

Sure I get lost and walk a lot more than I need to but I do eventually get to where I want to be. It is hot out.

“No”…. “No” … “No” the unwavering answer to my appeals to gain entrance to the transmission yard. “Is it a liabilty issue?” I ask.  “Yes” (as if to only give me an answer for which I might stop my quest for permission. Basically. no.

I find myself  restricted to what I can see from the side walk through a chain link fence topped with a roll of razor wire. The sun is wrong, the angles are limiting. Ants the size of  thick spiders are crawling on my shoes. But I get some good shots and I am happy enough.

I walk to Calvary (about an hour and a half) for some exercise.

I get a letter from my sister about my Mom and the situation and I feel my spirit sink as if something dark spread through me like ink in water.

I hear from Jane… I have work the day after I return teaching art for kids at a kids camp. I hope my family will understand that I must take work when it comes.

Tosti sends a positive message via text.

Finally I have an appointment with Alb. Calvary Graphic Design Team to help with whatever I can : B&W conversions in Photoshop for Khanh, saving a so-so image to a popper for Nicki, and camera equipment, sensor cleaning, bulb techniques etc for Brandi. They are a good group. Brian has given them great stretch room and encouragement since he was put in as head of their department.

Brian and I have dinner at the oldest free standing home in Albuquerque built in 1709, now a restaurant: Church Street Cafe and Brian’s favorite New Mexico restaurant.. The meal is rocking: New Mexican cuisine, a combo plate of pork chili relleno, beef enchilada, and a tamale ‘Christmas’ with a cold Monks Ale and topped with a Sopaipilla in honey. I am stuffed!!! Brian has a salad and isn’t nearly as leveled as I am. The food was a treat.

We walk Old Town.

Drive the East Side, getting a decaf at Flying Star in Nob Hill.

Home to edit the Chevy Graveyard pics, shower, and pack.

Early bed.

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