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Chicago Day 1. Today is 02/21/10 in Chicago IL

A lot happened today. Over 500 shots were taken and the bulk of the churches were covered. Lot’s of thoughts today too. Ordered a deep dish pizza from Lou Malnatis, a Corona, a salad (taking Mike T’s advice and treating myself: enjoying my last night at Hotel Blake, pretending I have money and a job – although I am editing the photos while I eat… too much to do and I will get behind otherwise).

Falling asleep while I work – will document this day’s events, this day’s thoughts, when I have time.

But here is a photo of “SHOWTIME“. (the bell hop/concierge at Hotel Blake tonight [Greg, goes by Showtime] – I dug his hat and had to take his photo).

Note: this is the morning of the 22nd – last night I actually fell asleep while working and couldn’t make a post.

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