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Chicago Day 2. Today is 02/22/10 in Chicago IL

Wake an hour before the alarm – it snowed last night.


Leave roller bag with the bellhop and take off for the Red Line to St. Joseph’s trying to arrive for the end of Mass.

All goes well, only a nun and a woman are at St Joseph’s, the doors are open, I am free to take my leisure with the photography.

Just as I am done, the nun lets me know she is closing. Perfect timing.

Walk to His Name Cathedral singing a little song I made up based a bit on the Hebrew I learned in Jerusalem.

Holy Name Cathedral is open but the lights are minimal and it is a bit too dark: too dark for my 1Ds mkII and I realize I am wanting for a better more up to date camera that can shoot in the lowest light conditions (like the mkIV can).

I find out there is a Mass in 40 minutes so I opt to stay for that assuming the lights will be turned up.

Thirty minutes pass and sure enough, there is light. I take my last shots and go to the Church of the Assumption. They too are finishing a Mass. I sit and partake.

After, the pastor gives me priviadge to the balcony for a few shots. Very cool.

Lastly I walk to St. Peter… a VERY active church with very pious congregants. I will write about this church in my consecrated space blog.

I go to the last church on the shoot list but it doesn’t seem to be where the map says it is and so I decide to return to Hotel Blake for my bag. I am a bit bummed, as my backpack rain cover was lost somewhere in all the traveling. My green fingertip-less shooting gloves too – they have all been lost. I am leaving bits of me like a trail to where I have been. I email Think Tank to see about a replacement…

I call John David and he agrees to come get me and take me to my new room at the Atonement.

I meet Robert, his Schnauzer, and Robert sits on my lap as we drive; friendly fellow.

Very nice 4000 sq. ft. apartment makes me think of a loft in NY. My room is a step up from Hotel Blake, quite a blessing – I am told to make myself at home and given a set of keys – I am like a roommate.

John David and I go down stairs for wine and light conversation with Fr. Harris and guests. Fr. Harris mentions about 5 more must see churches.

John D. and I go to a pub for dinner, his tre at. We talk about many things, among them the religious.

Back at the house, Gary gets back, and I share with them both a bit of my Jerusalem Journal (as is, rough edit). I get on email and see Think Tank has responded to send me a replacement free of charge, and I email back to send it ahead of me to Denver. Very pleased about that!

Early bed – early morning tomorrow for 7:30 mass at Atonement.

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