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Catch-up & Brief Update:Today is 11/22/11

Eggs and Sausage and a Side of ToastFriday Nov. 11/11

Krakow – I could live here!

Catch up on blog working from an all you can eat breakfast buffet.

Life is good in Krakow.

Evening I run out from the hotel to see what I can find – grabbing photos of night life in Old Town.

People clubbing, lighting smokes, drinking drinks and eating meals, curio shops with reclining  christo, McDonald’s and Kebabs late night, “strip club?”


Sat Nov. 12/11

Photoshop Lessons for Scott at the same restaurant for more buffet breakfast.

It’s a travel day – Scott and I check out of the hotel, grab the airport train and fly a Polish Jet Liner to Frankfurt. We catch a train to Karlsrhue.

Our excursion to Krakow is ended. Successful and relaxing time for us both.

Sunday Nov. 13/11

Community breakfast and lunch at the Mateno House.

Work on my blog and edit photos.

Monday Nov. 14/11

All day blog writing and edit photos concerning Birkenau.

Emil Wachter- Tuesday Nov. 15/11

Candida borrows a car to take me to four churches painted by a friend of her family.

Emil Wachter



Go with Scott to his soccer game – a night game – the cold bites to the bone.

Community night at the house: have dinner and listen to Mark’s life story – excellent wine.

My last community night in Karlsrhue.

Errands in Karlsrhue : Wednesday Nov. 16/11

Leave with Scott to Karlsrhue downtown.

Ship notes and umbrella – should have shipped form Poland d and saved 20 Euros.

Lunch at the Museum. See the show and pick up a program-zine/paper for the Global Art show

Buy Wine for the house,

Return to the house to pack. My last night … tomorrow is my return to the USA

Travel Day – Today is Thursday Nov. 17/11

Up at 7am for emails – 8am, bus to train to train to airport to plane to Washington D.C. – creative spurt while reading about Global art taking notes.

Arrive in D.C at Dulles late and take a bus to the metro making my way to Paul and Ed’s home for a two night stay.

Arrive by 7:30… a long day of travel to say the least, and in Germany, they are 9 hours ahead.- I am tired.

National ShrineToday is Friday  Nov. 18/11

Photography goals were Krakow (accomplished) and the National Shrine: Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, my day is dedicated to her.


Windy City, Today is Saturday Nov. 19/11

Wake early and go out to see St. John the Russian Orthoodox Church referred by a woman at the National Shrine – it is closed – no one answers the rectory doorbell. It is not to be. There are churches on every block as I travel North on 16th Street, none of them are open. The morning is a wash.

Catch a bus back to Paul and Ed’s. I get a driving tour around D.C. in the short time I have left of my morning. There is a lot to see in D.C. that I have missed and may have to come back as an American tourist viewing our country’s history.

Board my plane at Regan. Sit next to two pilots on my second plane into Chicago and get the lowdown about flying commercial airlines.

Gary picks me up at the airport and buys me a Starbucks coffee and chocolate chip cookie – hopefully I will awake for tonight’s Organ/Choir concert / Gala dinner fund raiser at the Church of the Atonement.

I offer to take photos for Charlie the Organist.


The dinner is out of park, surprised it was not catered but prepared by the parishioners. Fooled me. It is amazingly good and I gorge.

A lot of drinking going on. I am quite entertained. After-party at St. Andrews Bar closes out a spectacle of an evening.

Second Home in Chicago- Today is Sunday Nov. 20/11

Little sleep – my internal clock is off.

Work on my pictures from last night so Atonement can have them for their website.

Easrly dinner at Burke’s – Watch the Bears Chargers game.

Fall asleep while editing photos of the National Shrine…

Editing Photos and acclimating- Today is Monday Nov. 21/11

Edit photos, shoot city underpass murals for reference to a idea for a church project, shopping, eat fried chicken, more editing, too much news, early bed.

After Germany and Poland I feel like laying low on teh church shooting in Chicago.

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