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Grace – Today is Wednesday Nov. 24/11

Edit more images… it never ends.


Rice Chex from the box – gluten free.

Leave to photograph the Episcopal Church of the Ascension.

Red Line to Clark and Division.

Ascension is locked.

I ring the bell.

Disgruntled man opens the door.

I explain what I am doing, “…documenting the churches of Chicago, may I have a look in the church?”


“I will only take a few moments.”

NO. This is a terrible time. Make an appointment.

“I am only here for a couple days and haven’t time.”

You can’t just drop in – how rude! This not good… (Impatient and indignant, upset tone)

“You know – I really don’t care if I get the Ascension or not – I have a list of churches and only so much time, it doesn’t matter to me” (fire must have shot from my eyes…)

Ok, I’ll let you in. (mumbling under his breath, “how rude, dropping in unannounced… I have work to do and only three hours to get it done…”)

His name is Charlie. Something is going on with Charlie today that I interrupted. He turns on the lights and leaves me to my business and returns to attend to his.

I shoot the Episcopal Church of the Ascension.


I let Charlie know I am finished and leaving.

He asks if I shot the stations. “You need to see the expression on Mary’s face…” Then the windows.


Then he is taking me on a tour of the arts inside the church and telling me when and where the originals are located from which much of the arts inside were inspired. He says I look familiar. (a lot of people tell me that – I have that kind of face – familiar?) – talking goes on – eventually we are outside where Charlie lights a smoke and tells me a list of other churches to see and a little about their histories and asks if I have seen certain churches in Europe that he has visited…

180 degree turn around. What???

Greek Orthodox is closed South of the Ascension but the Russian Church of the Savior is open. It used to be a Presbyterian church and is still in the process of having artwork added (windows and ceiling).

Father Baker speaks to me. Invites me to Vespers – I can’t tonight. Invites me to High Mass and says I can photograph it Sunday. I tell him I need to be at the Atonement Sunday as High Mass is being dedicated to my Mom. It is the one-year anniversary of her death this Sunday: as Father Van Doren (J.D.) says, the one year anniversary of her heavenly birthday. Father Baker says we like to say her sleep, and offers to dedicate their Sunday mass to my mom also – I write her name, Judy Thompson. For J.D. and Sunday’s Atonement dedication, I will change to her birth name: Judith Susan Hollander.

I am writing from the rectory at the Atonement. I can hear the choir practicing. It is heavenly.

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