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Majesty: This is Sunday, Nov. 27/11

High Mass at Church of the Atonement. No cameras – I am here to participate in the mass.

The organ and choir powerfully announce the procession, and it is majestic – incense and all.

I almost weep – it is powerful and reverent and suggests that we are here to honor and worship and partake in the King of Kings bearing witness of His Glory.

NOT like low church (free church)

J.D. announces the dedication of the Mass to Judy Susan Hollander. I know earlier this morning at Christ Our Savior Orthodox, their mass was also dedicated to Mom.

The service is moving and stirs me religiously – I am invited to join a group for food, drinks and Sunday football at Burke’s Bar… but I opt to stay in my religious state – to walk out into the world bearing the risen Christ. I will jump onto the Blue Line and head out to Our Lady of Sorrows to document.

I exit the Blue Line at Kedzie-Homan. It is a depressed area.


A house has a sign I like – I stop to take a photo. “Talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with that talent is your gift to God.”

At the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows, the doors are locked and the parish office is closed.

Ringing the bell of the monastery over and over, an old man with hearing aides finally opens the door.

I explain my purpose and he opens the church front doors for me to enter. It is dark, but he turns on half the lights and says no one else is here that can turn on all the lights and hopes this will due. I tell him it will, I can make due.

I am alone in the Basilica.


Then all the lights come on and a priest enters introducing himself as father ( ? ) asking how long I will be. I tell him another 30 minutes and he gives me his blessing.

Walking back to the Blue Line, I shoot Jimmy G’s.

A man comes out and asks if I am insurance.


I tell him who I am and we talk all the way to the Blue Line – it is the 30n year anniversary of Jimmy G’s.

I take a few more shots this night returning to the rectory.


At the Rectory we watch Anne of Green Gables.

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