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Night Shooting the Loop – Today is Friday Nov. 25/11

Blog morning, coffee, bacon egg cheese sandwiches.

I am off to St Peters taking the Red Line to Lake. St. Peter’s is open and restful.

Photos on the EL


Shoot some evening window shots inside the loop. Passing a street bum he insists I buy him a coke – he is a vet, “buy me a coke?” “buy me a coke? Just a coke?”

Sorry (I say that a lot these days when begged) and continue walking without breaking stride.

Behind my back I hear him shouting profanities and some such thing as: “expletive you expletive, I see you…spying with that camera…” – I didn’t even take his photo… man or demon?

His response is exactly why I do not give money to ‘entitled’ panhandlers.

I was about to turn and get into it with him, but I thought, “why bother” – it isn’t a battle worth picking up a stone.

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