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Cimarron, 7/01/10, Steamboat, CO

I meet with Philip and Savannah in the Holiday Inn Lobby and we walk into Rex’s – Our waitress Bailey brings me Coffee (Bailey’s and Coffee – I thought that cute), after that, conversation goes deep starting with the idea of intellectual feeding and consummation as a discharge … I am later introduced by Philip to  Emmanuel Levinas and his idea that Truth is Relation and also the dangers of putting categories on God in that God is always more than all there is (which in itself is still a definitive declaration) and this ties into discussion on Jewish Law… we talk about identity and intention – a theme I notice in my own thoughts lately that will spill out into the retreat in various conversations.

The Cimarron is available for our lodging at 1:30 and we head up for the start of the Soulation retreat, which will officially begin at 5pm.

There we meet Molly from Alaska. Soon to arrive are Barry and Julia, Bill and Robin

The hike up to the top of Fish Creek Falls takes off from the Cimarron at 3:00 p.m. Now this is a favorite of mine and it is beautiful.

I purposely bought shorts for this planning to hike to the top and with Barry, do the Barry dip at the river edge at the top of the falls. This is something Barry did last year while the rest of us looked on. This year I intended to join him.

Both Barry and I step in until our feet freeze. I don’t know about Barry, but it was worth it to me. Somewhere there are photos.

Steamboat is so beautiful and the light quality here is amazing – even in this light rain we are having.

Back at Cimarron, Ellyn has prepared light foods.

We eat. Jonalyn and Dale make the introduction to the retreat.

Jonalyn reads a creative story imagined from a Vermeer painting, “Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid” and we discuss.

Dale performs a dramatic reading from Ray Bradbury, and we discuss.

We are all gifted with an artful gourmet chocolates library from a chocolatier Dale had found. Dale guides us through a sensory introduction to one of the chocolates: a 47% cocoa with coconut and curry.

I present my slide show: “A Meditation In B&W | Life, A Reflection” and we discuss.

Later discussion meanders into ideas about ‘church’ – Molly brings up Fowler’s Stages of Faith

Finn smiles a lot during the evening.

Several guests hit the Jacuzzi and pool and eventually Barry Philip and I play a game of “cut throat” on the pool table.

Last guest to arrive is Ben whose flight was bumped.

Ben’s degree is in Political Philosophy. Although all else have gone to bed, Ben and I stay up talking until 12:30. I have resorted to rambling and rabbit holing. The night is over – day one is a wrap.

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